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 Disclaimer and Warning!

“Famous Wizard of Postcards Swears Under Oath That These 'Cut and Paste' Postcard Templates and Incredibly Shoestring Budget Turn-Key Marketing Strategies DO NOT Contain Illegal Subliminal Commands That Suck Money Straight Out Of Unsuspecting  Prospect's Wallets!” The results displayed here will vary from person to person and no gurantees of results are made.

After 3 long years of testing and research, the Wizard of Postcards openly states...

"I Finally 'Cracked The Code' on How You Can Quickly and Easily Duplicate and Attract New Clients, Every Day, Automatically With The Same 'Cut and Paste' 3% to 6.7% Pulling 3-Step Postcard System Templates  That Turn 43 Cents Into a 1200% ROI...for Under $200 Bucks...GUARANTEED!"

Learn How I Sold Over 2500 Senior Life Plans In 10 Years…Sold millions in annuities and I Can Show You How To Do The Same using cheap little  Postcards!

ATTENTION: Insurance Agents WANTING MORE CUSTOMERS & CLIENTS who are operating on a shoestring budget! Why pay thousands of dollars for fancy direct mail package that can cost you a fortune, take forever to mail, and produce little or no results...

Read closely because I'm going to give you 7 Golden nugget secrets you can use to double your production in the next 90 days!

·     Can you picture yourself receiving 8-15 inbound calls a week with prospects calling you requesting more financial information. Plus, we will show you how one agent increased his production by 217% in 12 months using our pre approach postcard and client newsletter.

·    Can you picture having postcards pull from 3% to 6.7% using our "3-Step-Postcard System" follow-up dripping campaign. We will even give you an example of a postcard that pulled 10.1% for one agent using a special financial newsletter list?

·     Are you ready to use our time tested postcard formula we have discovered and  tested almost daily then has returned up to 1200% ROI for only 43 cents using a "Personalized Touch Postcard". If so, let move forward...

Sample Personalize Postcards


Written Saturday, 5:3O AM

     My name is Russ Jones, I'm known as "The Lead Junkie and  Postcard Wizard."

I'm writing this letter on Saturday morning when the phones in the office aren't ringing all day long with agents asking questions on marketing, lead generating, postcard mailing and trying to buying some of my preferred widow leads or investor leads.

I have a unique brand new pre approach postcard that will get you out in the field delivering our "Peace-of-Mind Kits" or my "Wealth Transfer Kit" to 3-5 responders daily.

Listen closely, I've been receiving some amazing response from my own personal postcard mailings.

Here's my background...

I've been in the insurance marketing business for 38 years. I sold in a 10 years 2500+ final expense plans, in about 11 year span sold millions in annuities using cheap postcards. In addition, I trained over 250 wannabe insurance agents in my car. 

Many months I mail 1,000 to 5,000 postcards every month and did for several decades. I'm currently semi-retired and only work in my home office about 6 hour per days.

As I get older I'm starting to cut back on my work schedule.

I've made will over a million dollars in commissions mailing cheap and ugly postcards.

"This is why I'm so excited  to share some of my postcard marketing strategies because I finally 'Cracked The Code' on mailing postcards." I've been quietly making an excellent income as a successful postcard insurance and annuity marketer from my home office for many years using dozens of low budget postcard marketing strategies.

I've written and tested dozens of postcards that have generated millions in commissions for other agents and  myself.

     For the record, my lead generating insurance marketing business completely runs on auto-pilot.  I've developed an automated low cost postcard marketing systems that allow me to turn off or on my marketing machine from my own computer. As a result, this gives me a tremendous amount of time to do things I love to do such as research and read dozens of books and course about both online and off line marketing.

Again, I'll show you how to do the same like these Testimonials

100% Profit on Postcard Mailing

I had a 100% profit with my Postcard mailing.  I sent out 1,100 IRA Rollover postcards the first time and got 11 Responses.  Of these I closed 3 for a total of $200,000 in production.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal.  Thanks so much.?  R. Russell Topeka, KS.

$770,000 Rollover
Thanks to your 3-Step Postcard System on my first 1500 postcard mailing I wrote the largest annuity of my career.  It was a $770,000 annuity rollover from an IRA distribution. I'm taking your advice and putting 30 percent of my commissions back into direct response marketing using some of your postcards and your lists. My wife and family can't thank you enough.  Thanks for the phone advice...I told another agent friend about you.Tony Cervantes, MI

Russ, thanks a million
My wife threatened me to get out and get a real job.  Thanks to your advice; CD list I bought from you and your door approach last week I wrote three annuities for $166,000. Also, this week I've written three small annuities.   Russ your not kidding when you told me to focus in on marketing and being positive is a winning combination. P.S. I've told two of my agent friend in another state about your marketing system.  Anthony Huff Katy TX.

"Thank You!"

"I would like to thank you very much for this marketing program.  Thanks to your information I have a better telemarketing program and a much better long-term care presentation!"  
 - Glen West, Phoenix, AZ

Two annuities for $440,000

I just wanted to send you a short thank you about your tax reduction program. Out of the one thousand piece mailer you sent out I got back 15 leads which were okay results. The good part though is that I made 8 appointments, and wrote two annuities for over $440,000 in premium. I would say those are some pretty good numbers for my first week using your program. Needless to say I am ecstatic and I will be ordering more leads every week because these leads are a great door opener and this program works! Thanks, Dave Bramwell  Tempe, AZ

Just Unbelievable!

Just a short note to say, how very pleased I am with your system.   The massive amount of information provided is Awesome.   Just Unbelievable Ideas really, and they sure get the old juices flowing.   These Super Sales techniques have blown me away.   I learned so very much, and I am a old insurance veteran. These systems are incredible. 

Admittedly, I was a bit overwhelmed with so much valuable information with your package, it's Almost too much.  Each section provides even more critically needed data, ideas that will assist any working agent achieve any Goal.  I only wished I had ordered this system months ago. Joe Campbell,  Tampa Florida

14 Leads and closed $162,000 In Sales
Your prospecting and client newsletter I send out last month, out of 400 send, I got 14 leads and closed $162,000 in sales to existing clients, plus I'm picking up another $112,000 today in premium.  (by the way the cost of the newsletter was $238.00) best return I ever got. Thanks to your newsletter and postcards those two spokes of marketing double my production.

Michael E. Smith  Ill.

"What A Bargain!"

"Thanks for chatting with me the other day, and for being of service.  When I spoke with you about all these great things you were going to do for me I was concerned that an investment in your 'system' and 'knowledge base' would do very little for me.  I have LOTS of experience and do quite well financially, however I thought, 'what the heck' take a chance what can you lose?  WHAT A BARGAIN!"   - H. Shapire


Golden Nugget #1: Show me an agent who has only one way of generating leads and I'll show you an agent who is either  broke or has a wife with a good Government job

    Here's what I've discovered...

    So about 3 years ago, I decided to use some of my knowledge and determination to "crack the code" by developing an automatic turn key personalized postcard and Internet Marketing System that will generate  hundreds of quality leads for my own business and my clients and give us a ROI from 50%...100%...847%...even up to 1200% ROI on some of our campaigns using postcards and other direct response tools.

Golden Nugget #2 And now at last I discovered a formula of using a "Personalized  Touch Postcards," unique mailing list of buyers, phone scripts follow up and even a unique lead generating landing pages which give a prospect another way to respond that has produced consistently upwards of 1% to 3.7% response per mailing. The secret is in the "Power Niche Lead" list.

 I've been quietly working and testing different postcard strategies I call, "The Postcard Millionaire Formula™."

Ok, you're probably asking, "Russ, why do you call it "The Postcard Millionaire Formula.™"

The strongly think if you follow my postcard formula and implement just 10 percent of the marketing strategies you can double, triple and even QUADRUPLE your production.

Bold statement...Yes,  but I think your insurance license you are setting on in your wallet can and will become a very valueable tool over the next few years if you follow my lead.

Golden Nugget #3: The definition of "Insanity" is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Only 10% of all agents understand this when it comes to generating leads. 

Ok, for those agents who can't read a long letter and want to get to the bottom line here’s what you’ll get, not counting the bonuses at the bottom of the page.

  • 5 of my best, Proven Postcards Templates that have sold Millions in Insurance and annuity premium. Totally Done For You! All you have to do is add your 800 number, address and website.

  • You will receive our best pulling postcards for selling Single Premium Life, Final Expense Insurance, Life Insurance, LTC, IRA Rollovers and annuities.

  • How to double, triple even Quadruple your production in 90 days or less using our new postcards templates and implementing our time tested and updated "3 Step Postcard System™" dripping campaign and followup phone script.

  • You will receive a complete turn-key “paint-by-the-numbers”  postcard system that you can learn in only a few hours and starting putting  to use in just a few days.

  • I willl give you access to a triple response reply sample postcard used by a good friend of mine that averages 8% response all over the country except in California and Florida where the response is 5.5%.   For example an agent in Arizona has this system locked in that generates sometimes 6-8 calls a day...(not a miss print). I've been personally told that the average case size is $100,000. Yes, he works in Arizona where we have some wealthy prospects. Won't happen in Arkansas or Louisana.

  • Some of our postcards can be used to sell any financial product you want! 

  • Learn the three magic words to put on every postcard to help you double your response.

  • We will show you how to literally have postcards mailed within 48 hours and you will have calls coming in within 72 hours.

  • You will have access to the same postcard, follow up script I used to help me sell 2500+ Senior Life  Plans in just 10 years to my lead list of widows. (This one amazing marketing approach is the most powerful postcard approach which allowed me to average 3-4 final expense appointments per day.) Plus, you can use the same concept in any niche market. Seriously, if you're on a shoestring budget you will thank me many times for this marketing jewel. This strategy is worth the price of my system.

  • Here’s the secret postcard formula. Having a great headline, bullet points on a postcard is important! However, it’s the LIST you use! I will give you access to the best list on the planet of financial product buyers.  Using these buyers list we've had in some states postcards pull 6.7% on this buyers list. One postcard I'll show you pulled 10% on a free gift and specialize list.

  • We have found if you use the  same postcard with the wrong list and your response will fall off a cliff.

  • You will receive an assertment of free reports and my self proclaimed #1 best selling, "Wealth Preservation and Restoration Kit" and also my "Peace of Mind Kit" you can give to all your clients.  This also includes a sample of my client newsletter that one agent in California used to increase his production by 217% in just 12 months.

  • It’s all about the LIST! Like real estate it’s Location, Location, Location. With the right list and using one of our postcard templates you will discover a whole new world for generating a shoebox full of leads. I'll give you lists of the best list companies in the country.

Now, I'd Like to Share With You Some Amazing Marketing Strategies I've Discovered...Right Here In This Letter! You Are About to Discover Just How Easy is to Attract New Customers and Clients, and Increase Cash Flow & Profits … Without Spending A Fortune on Advertising!”

     First, let me tell you I'm a penny pincher when it comes to spending money...Especially on marketing...I have stretch every marketing dollar to its max... 

You can ask my wife about me...I'll take a lead and drip on that lead at least 6-8 times a year before I give up on them.

Knowledge is Power!

      Over the last 35 years I literally spent tens of thousands of my hard earned dollars buying programs, reading books, attending seminars, etc--all about marketing, generating leads and building a business.  And what I found is this...90% of what I spent my money on was WORTH WHILE!

     I spent a fortune on experts, consultants, and cutting-edge marketing information to find these golden nuggets of low budget marketing hidden secrets. 

      However, I know that knowledge is power when it comes to marketing. The more knowledge you have about writing headlines, letters, email blast, web design, auto responders will make you more money.

     And it's paid off, incredibly, well! My production building Collection of marketing strategies and postcard templates  are bursting with specific ways to automatically explode your bottom lineIt's a highly Replicable SYSTEM you can plug into your business, without any financial risk and starting for under $200. Seriously, if you can't afford an investment of under $200 in building your business you need to get out and find a real paying job.

You will have an "unfair" advantage...

     Let's face it...nothing is better than having a thriving business! Getting and keeping new clients is what will make a thriving business happen.

      In the next few minutes you will have access to a system that will give you an advantage over 99.9% of all other Insurance agents and advisors in your area.

      Some might even say it's an "unfair" advantage.

Specifically, I'm going to give you access to amazing tools and systems to increases your production.

     Furthermore, I'm going to invite you to accept a valuable package of my guarded and tested marketing strategies without cost or obligation.

      Yes, that's right! If you do me the honor of simply allowing me to PROVE all this to you...

You Can See Everything I've Talked About for FREE!

      There's absolutely no catch, either.  Just an honest offer from one Insurance marketer to another...
based on pure confidence (which comes from my long experience with helping over 3,957 other agents become  successful.

     Listen:  If what I show you doesn't immediately put you on the road to DOUBLING your production with the next twelve months...

I'll refund every dollar you spent on our Postcard Millionaire Formula.

No strings attached!  I'm just that confident this will work for you.  You can have the same jaw-dropping results that have worked for other agents who gave me a chance to prove it.

May I ask you a question?

Suppose tomorrow, you were offered a system that would immediately start you on a path to increasing your income.  Would you risk a few dollars and some of your time testing it.

The answer is obvious.


Here's what you'll learn "The Postcard Millionaire Formula™."

You will be Armed With The No Pressure Prospecting Holy Grail of marketing systems, Irresistible and Unheard of Marketing secrets That Compel People To Call You, And Much More...Keeps You Light Years Ahead of Your Former Competition!

Postcard Trilogy Series #1

Here’s Just A Small Sampling of shoestring budget ways you will discover to build your business in the first Postcard Million Formula  trilogy series I call the "Wizard of Postcards."

How to simply & Easily Discover the hidden Wealth Buried in your Insurance Business The Wizard of Postcards."

  • How to create a killer shoestring budget marketing campaign-from A-Z:  Everything I've learned-and still learning - about marketing and sales. I'll literally give you the keys to the kingdom.

    The three magic words I've used to convert prospects into appointments

  • You are in Three Businesses to make you more profitable. Discover how to tap your full production potential. Pg 10

  • Discover 15 ways to build your business on a shoestring marketing budget.

  • Automated response-Oriented Marketing and how to use it effectively. Why ARM methods are so important to your success.

  • The simple 8 step process for generating automated response using  cheap postcards as the Workhorse.

  • 17 strategies to increase referrals, improve retention and attract clients for only $50.00.

  • Discover how to use a secret "USP strategy that helped an agent to write over 10 Million in annuities per year.

  • The seven little-known  steps you can take to give your office a steady weekly flow of leads for under $200 per month. Pg 52

  • Why your headline in your postcards will determine 90% of our success. pg 53

  • Do you know that 40% of your sales come from the third follow-up?  Here's a little known strategy I use to capitalize on this monthly using "The World' Smallest Newsletter" which is a postcard.

  • Practically unheard of ways to get attorney, accountants and other outside professional to refer their clients to them, without begging them to! (and pay for their marketing too!)

  • The three most incredible profitable "farming" secrets to set you apart from all the hundreds of other agents in your area.  This one strategy has personally increased my business by 75%. pg 72

  • The single most important keys to getting rich slowly in your business by getting a consistent getting a stream of new clients.

  • Amazing and powerful strategies to build a steady flow of 15-20 leads per week on a shoestring budget.

  • The four magic marketing formulas you can use to almost guarantee your success 90% of the time pg 82

  • How to use the "Rule of Multiplicity" to double, triple even QUADRUPLE your production even if your a "dead broke" agent.

  • The little known direct mail secret revealing what to mail your qualified prospect that will make them call you.  Once you understand this secret you'll have qualified prospect literally hounding you to help them.

  • The display advertising secret that make an advertisement pull like a team of Clydesdales on steroids.


Yes, this incredible treasure chest of  marketing  is jam packed with benefits, each one relevant to marketing your products & services , and each one based on timeless advertising strategies with the power to literally transform your business.

Postcard Trilogy Series #2

Here's some more powerful income you will find in the second trilogy series I call the "Secrets of Selling Anything" is a road map to success.

  • How to use "Critical Mass" in your business to help you build a Multi Million Dollar business. By following our lead on this it doesn't matter if you live in a town of 2 million or 120 people you will become the (Go to Guy for financial Advice.) Pg 11

  • Discover how to apply the "Critical Mass" systems that will change your life forever.

  • The 3 elements of Insurance success you can apply to get over 75% of every prospect you talk to will want to use you as their advisor. pg14

  • Simple yet irresistible ingredients for building a Million Dollar Network.  By applying just this one ingredient you can avoid spending thousand of dollars on worthless  and costly lead generating systems. Pg 2

  • Secret strategies to create a six figure income. pg 60

  • The 7 keys to attracting new IRA Rollover Clients.

  • New style advertising gets up to 500%% greater response.

  • 13 traits of highly successful IRA and annuity producers.

  • The six pitfalls you need to overcome to be successful in the Insurance business.

Postcard Trilogy Series #3

In the third Trilogy series called "The Secret Marketing Systems of The Postcard Wizard" the Holy grail of Getting Rich Slowly I want to share with you today.

"Imagine, No Work, No Headaches, No Stress, Yet Filling Your Financial Business With 23-35 New Prospects Each Month...What Advisor Wouldn't Love It?"

If getting new clients without any work sounds good to you, simply order our advanced "Client Attraction System."  It automatically gets qualified leads offline and then captures and converts them into new clients online, building your practice consistently, in the fastest time possible...without YOU having to do any work and on a shoestring budget!  Imagine that!

And best of all you do nothing! Everything is done for you.  Everything?  "Yes Everything!"

It's the first ever "Done-it-and-Do-it-For-You" automated financial "new client" attraction system that eliminates all of the work involved in getting new clients.

Every month, regardless of the current condition of your business or what the industry throws at you, you'll get 23-35 new prospects guaranteed! You do no work at all, the system is completely automated:

Here's a three simple-idiot proof ways to double, triple even QUADRUPLE your production over the next 90 days, WITHOUT working any harder.

Golden Nugget #4: First, insurance marketing is the Ultimate Financial Leverage tool.

When you optimize your insurance and annuity lead system, you increase your "upside leverage" - leverage refers to the amount of increase you can get an activity to produce for you.  You have unlimited upside leverage - it's up to you how far you want to take it.

Golden Nugget #5 Second, Here's the ultimate secret you'll learn in our series:  Stop chasing sales and start chasing relationships!

The secret, and it's a good one, is to become trustworthy.  You accomplish this over a period of time with words, actions, and deeds that allow trust to be built.

  The more trustworthy you become, the more successful you have the potential to achieve.  You will discover in our Trilogy series how to become a trusted advisor where prospects and clients will refer you to their friends and associates.

Third, You Can have Double-Digit Growth Every Year, even in a bad economy.

And imagine (the best part)...

  • All of this follow up is done for you...By a state-of-the-art computer...24 hours everyday...

If your goal is to:

  • Convert the MAXIMUM number of leads to customers...

  • Make the MAXIMUM profit out of every dollar you spend on advertising...

Then read every word of this message!  This strategy is what separates the non producing agents and financial advisors from the "Top of the Million Dollar Round Table."

Golden Nugget #6: According to top marketers and I've proven it time and time again, your prospects must hear from you SEVEN times.  That's what it takes for many of them to respond.

That's why repeated contact is so powerful.  When your prospect hear from you again and again...

  • You become more credible...

  • You become more trustworthy, and...

  • You get to motivate them again and again...


You need to decide right now to get serious. You need a guaranteed way to attract new clients every month so your life expectancy in this profession can be predictable and you can stop wondering what next month's revenue will be like.  My automated new client attraction system will allow you to do that without doing any thinking or work at all!

And guess what?  You can start on a shoestring budget and reinvest your commissions to build a real money-making machine.

Not only will your future be very predictable, but the amount of revenue you get each month will be too!

Now's your chance to experience what it feels like to get new clients without having to do any hard work, without having to stress about your marketing, without having to worry about what marketing works and what doesn't, and without having to drive yourself nuts figuring out what to try next.

"Procrastinating Will Cost You, BIG TIME!"

     I do have to make this important announcement. After the prelaunch, the cost of this Postcard System will be going up. I'm planning to raise the price to $297.

  I don’t want everybody to have these advantages. Then my techniques could start being used against me. So I decided to raise the price to $297. I haven’t done it yet but I know that I'm going to do it in the very near future.

     Even if you wait to buy the package at $297 it's still well worth the money. But wouldn’t you rather get it right now while it's two payments of just  $97.00 $77.00 bucks? If I were you that’s what I would do. But the decision is completely up to you. You can buy now and beat the price increase

Seriously, if you can't afford this system at the above price you need to get out of the business and get you a real job.

If you don't Act On This Exciting Opportunity Now, You'll Be Kicking Yourself for YEARS to Come!

Think about it for a moment...

You can do nothing and bury your head in the sand when it comes to marketing. I talk to agents everyday and I tell them , "show me an agent who has only one way to market and I'll show you someone who is only one step away from being broke."

The second option is to "keep doing what you've been doing" and expect a miracle to change your current production."

Or the third option is you can take control of your financial future and be exposed to the treasure buried in "The Postcard Millionaire Formula" and see your production increase by 50%...100%...Even up to 842%.

This is NO Time To Go It Alone!

Golden Nugget #7: The Secret to making a good living by using cheap postcards is using a "3-Step Postcard System." Some agents offer a "Free Gift" in the postcard and spend their day hand delivery this gift. Many agents average 3-5 presentations a day using this concept. It sure beats seating at home crying about not having any prospects to call on.

A Production Slump Beater That Can't Miss...

The economy and world financial system may still be going to a proverbial hell in a hand basket but that only spells O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y for savvy marketers.

And you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with my Risk Free Guarantee...

12 Month  Money Back Full Satisfaction Guarantee

Take 1 full year to examine and use "The Postcard Millionaire Formula"  yourself risk free.  That's right.  You have 1 full year to put the whole package to the test, and see for yourself just how it works for you.  If you aren't satisfied for any reason, or if the package doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red cent.     Just send me an email, and I'll refund your  entire payment. Just show us proof you tested at least three postcard formula strategies and ordered a list. Fair enough!


"Here's Six Additional Bonuses Valued at 897.00 You'll Also Receive If You Order By Midnight Tonight"

Here's what you WILL receive...


Bonus #1


- 13 Secret Strategies To Double You Production In 90 days Or less 13 Secrets

Here's some of the quickest and fastest strategies you can use to double your income in 90 days or less. Learn the power of postcard marketing.



          Value $79.00



Bonus #2


“How I Sold 2500 Senior Life/ Final Expense Plans in 10 Years and accumulated a ton in Renewals.” This is a 14 page PDF Report. Generating 2-3 Daytime Appointments Will Be a Final Expense CourseCakewalk! This is the system and presentation I used to generate over 2500 final expense insurance policies over a 10 year period.You will also receive our pre approach postcard that will allow you to be out in the field everyday dropping off our (Peace of Mind Kits) to neighorhood prospects. (Value $95)




Bonus #3



Free 30 Minute Marketing Consulting with Russ Jones on the phone or via email.


 Value Priceless



Bonus #4


How To Sell an Extra 100 Life Insurance, Final Expense or Annuities in 12 Months or less Special Report.


100 policies extraAs an Inter Circle Member you will have access to Life Insurance leads that you can sell over the phone.

Also, learn how one agent sold $515,000 in life premium over the phone in one year.


Value Worth $1,000's to you if you follow my approach.

Value $37.00 


Bonus #5 (Platinum Membership Only)


     72 Hour Speedy Response Bonus Worth $649.00. Signup now and we waive the $495 setup fee and get you 60 days FREE Service.

How To Attract More Clients On AUTOPILOT Using A Brand New KILLER Client Attraction System Designed For Insurance Advisors.

“Discover How To Get 23-35 New Qualified Prospects Every 30 Days Without Spending an Arm and a Leg! We  can send you a TIDAL WAVE of our "Power Niche Preferred Widow Leads" at a huge discount...."


Funnel system for getting leads

Complete Instant Client Attraction System which includes:

  •  The 5 Lead Generating Landing pages and monthly client newsletter.  You will have your own lead generating landing page where you can add your website address to all your ads, postcards, letters, and sales letters. We will also send out to every prospect that enters their name and email address a series of reports and articles all with your name and phone number on them. This is a pre-loaded auto-responders to follow-up with your Prospects. 

  • Complete access to our "Personalized Postcard System" which includes all our best pulling postcards.

  • A monthly client newsletter you can use for mailing out to prospects and clients.  All you do is add your picture, phone number, address and mail them out.

  • How one agent increased his annuity business by 217% using our "newsletter, tell-A-Friend Insert and a loave of Pumpkin bread.

 The normal set up fee for this system is $495.00.  However, for a limited time when you order our postcard system we’re waiving the set up fee and were giving you 60 days free to test our service which is worth $495. After 60 days you  will only pay a small monthly charge of just  $37.00 a month to maintain the site along with all the other benefits in the Platinum Club.  (Value $649.00) Cancel at anytime! No hard feelings!

Value $649)

Bonus #6 (Platinum Members Only)


Million Dollar Production Monthly Newsletter!


Now you can "Raid My Vault Package" to find on a monthly basis my marketing and advertising archives and get 36 years of marketing experience and knowledge quickly and easily

You will receive a free 60 day subscription to my "Million Dollar Producers Newsletter" that will be emailed to you bi-monthly.  It's filled with additional marketing strategies you can use to build your business. The monthly subscription rate is included in Bonus #6  and you receive two  months free.  You can cancel at anytime.



WARNING! After The Pre-Launch The Price Will Go Up To $297. Order Today This Postcard Millionaire Formula System At A Measly $297 $197...

 2 payments of just







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 This price is ONLY for a short time.  If you return tomorrow the price may be higher.


We can't guarantee you'll make money with postcards. It's based on your sales ability and work ethics. Many agent don't follow a simple system.


Sincere wishes for a good life and (always) higher commissions,



"The Wizard of Postcards"

P.S. Please remember:  You risk NOTHING by giving "The Postcard Millionaire Formula™" a fair trial now. Our 12 month Double Guarantee assures your satisfaction.  If you don't agree that it's your ultimate recession solution, it costs you nothing.

P.P.S. Timing is, indeed, everything.  Order by midnight and you will receive over $897.00 in bonuses.
Click here to order.


Surefire Marketing Group LLC., 440 S. 100 E. Richmond, UT. 84333


PLEASE NOTE:  We do not offer any get-rich-quick schemes for agents who are not willing to make an effort to build their business.  If your dead broke our system will not work for you!  I'm sorry to tell you that!  In addition, any claims made by our testimonials will not guarantee you will do the same. Your results may vary based on your area, marketing and sales ability. Our company specialize in building relationships with your clients. Again, please understand your production is based on your ability to work the system.l