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Discover 7 Steps To Generating Annuity Leads

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Hope you enjoy these annuity lead marketing tips.


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* Here are 7 great ways you can use Postcards to generate annuity leads:

* Plus, how one agent quietly writes over $200,000 a month of annuity premium using postcards annuity leads

* Using just one of our postcards.  See Step 7.

* Also check out our new CD list and Affluent Prospects for annuity leads.



1. Send out small, targeted mailings


Do you have 25, 50, 100 or 200 centers of influence, referral sources, big hitters, heavy user customers, or potential endorsers you want to communicate with?  In "old time" direct mail, you'd have to either print up 1,000 or 2,000 or pay through the NOSE to get it printed up.  I mean, the prices some of those printers charged just made you CRINGE.


What's more, you had to HAND ADDRESS the stuff because the letter shops that do the addressing have minimums of 1,000 or 5,000.  And if they don't, they gouge you with minimum fees or through the roof prices.


I have the source for these  small, tiny mailings are low cost, easy, fast, quick and simple.

 Some agents would pay dearly to discover my source.           


2. Send out annuity lead drip follow ups


You just get your name in front of people.  Nothing fancy.  Just a basic postcard or two-page letter with one to three benefits on it.  You can write it up in 5 minutes.  Then you send it out.  You can "pre-program" sequences of your drip cards four weeks at a time.  Drip. Drip. Drip. The cumulative effect creates top-of-mind consciousness.  When people think of your product category, who do they think of?  YOU!



3. Send out reminders for annuity lead


Are you having tele-conference calls?  Drop a reminder in a flash to 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 people.  You just pop on the web site and blast it out.  Easy as pie.  I'm not kidding.  I think a reminder in a flash to 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 people.  You just pop on the web site and blast it out.  Easy as pie.  I'm not kidding.  I think a monkey could be trained to do this.  You click one button and upload your list.  You click another to upload your postcard.  Push the submit button and it's out of here.  And you do NOT pay an arm and a leg for the mailing like you do with services that gouge you with giant 1,000 or 2,000 minimum printing and mailing fees.  There are NO minimums currently (other than the $1.00 minimum charge). And I seriously doubt there will be in the future.



4. Send out testimonial requests for annuity lead


You can drop a few postcards in your automated sequence.  And maybe one two-page letter.  Ask for a testimonial for your product. And in no time flat, you'll have a little pile you can put in your sales letters that'll add a powerful response booster to your promotions.  


Now, I also do this with email.  But it's so CHEAP to do it to your customers with direct mail, why not?  Right.  It just makes sense.


5. Send deadline postcards for annuity leads


One of the most powerful uses of postcards is to remind your customers or prospects about a deadline. But in the past, with the "old-timer" direct mail methods, this just wasn't practical unless you had sizeable lists like the big boys.


Now, you're on a much more level playing field just like the Internet.


The big boys have lost their advantage.  And you can hop right into THEIR sand box

and get the same advantages they have.  You won't be wistfully thinking of what "might have been" if you could only afford to print up 1,000 or 5,000 direct mail pieces and pay for the postage, letter shop fees and so forth.


I CAN tell you this.  One of the single most profitable mailings you will likely ever send is these deadline postcards.  And we give you PLUG 'N GO postcards you can use right away.


6. Send customer service postcards


Another great thing to send is customer service postcards.  Just drop a little service postcard in your automated direct mail follow up sequences. It's a classy thing to do for your customers. And it's so cheap and easy.  We give you PLUG N GO customer service postcards.  Just plug 'em in and use them.  No sweat or hard work on your part. They're already done for you.


7. Send postcards to quality list for annuity leads

Iíve found a great compiled list broker who has access to CD holders with CDís maturing within 3 months, 401 (K) Rollover Prospects, Accredited Investors, Annuity Buyer/owners, Estate Planning Prospects who are considering Estate Planning Services in the next 0-12 months and all prospects earn a minimum of $150,000 per year.  If thatís not enough how about, financial planning prospects considering wanting the service within the next few months.  How about a High Net Individuals with assets over $500,000 to $5,000,000.  I also like IRA Buyers; this list is considered the cleanest in the country.  I know one agent who is averaging two large sales a month using my IRA postcard with this list.  He has averaged over $10,000 a month just with this one spoke of marketing.  For those agents who like working with the jet set how about a list of Millionaires at Home with significant liquid assets available.  And for those agents who are single and looking for a real challenge try our Widow investors who have real money.  I canít offer this list if your burnout and negative.  Itís only for those agents who feel like they still have some spring in their step and not afraid to stay out late and party.

Any of the above lists where available will cost you:


2,000 names and phone numbers where available for $550.00

3,000 names and phone numbers where available for $825.00


Email me for details with your request of quantity, type of list and zips and I can get counts for you.  Ok, call me instead and Iíll give you some secret and little known marketing strategies.  I must limit my calls to no more than 15 minutes.  My wife is upset I give too much time to agents on the phone, not to her, and give too many marketing ideas away for free.



Listen closely, if you canít make money off these people by dripping on them with my ď3-Step Postcard System,Ē your either dead or dead broke and canít afford to invest in your own marketing campaign.  Sorry about being to harsh or cold, but itís the truth and Iíve been in this marketing game for over 33 years.  I n fact, I remember the days when I used my credit card to finance several of my agents mailing programs.  I had enough faith in my ďDirect Mail and Postcard Dripping SystemĒ that I would make dead broke agents a good living by following my system.


I like this statement about successful marketing:

Every successful marketing campaign is planned, created, tested, and, most importantly, implemented, very specifically.  You must take action and move forward to be successful in this insurance game.


Finally, check this out. An agent has been quietly using one of my postcards with a quality list of prospects and mails out a steady stream of 1,000 postcards every week for now over a year.  Every four to six weeks he sends this postcard or one similar to a list of CD Holders.  He averages about $200,000 of annuity premium a month and gross just over $14,000 per month.  Deduct the postcard cost every week of $302 (not including list,  he owns a great list of CD Holders) and you can see he makes a good living just using this one spoke of marketing he learned in my ďMother of all Marketing Systems.Ē  Oh yes, I almost forgot the headline of the postcard is titled ďHow To Get Triple Compounding On Your CD MoneyĒ If you havenít purchased my marketing system click here to read full report and dozens of other success stories.  If your a current member you need to study CD number two titled "The Ultimate Postcard System."


If you have question, please call my personal hotline number at 435-755-5096 to talk marketing.  Yes, I'll talk directly to you and not have some high pressure salesman try to sell you a $1,800 to $2,300 Marketing System like some of the other marketer's around. If your not a member you need to first subscribe to my newsletter and read some of my newsletter and Insurance marketing articles to bring you up to date.  If youíre a member, of course call me and I want to hear what youíve been working on and whether itís working or not.


Hereís to your success

Russ (RJ) Jones

Creator of the 3-step postcard System.




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