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800 Numbers w/advanced lead capture service



Toll free service is expensive, and to properly market your services you need a unique number for each of your mailings. We recognize this, and that is why we have teamed up with several toll-free service providers to bring you Free Toll Free Service.

FREE Advanced Lead Capture Service

With every toll-free number we provide, we give you the following additional services, absolutely free!

- Free Address Lookup: we look up the address in the phone book for every person who calls on your toll-free number. This way even if someone calls, but does not leave their address, or only leaves part of their address - you still have the lead.

- Phone Number & Caller ID Captured With Every Call: Every person who calls, even if just hang-up, we capture their phone number and caller ID information, and even attempt to find their address for you...so you never miss a lead.

- Free Transcription Service: If you choose we'll listen to your messages, and transcribe & email them to you.

- Follow-up Campaign Service: Once people call up your toll-free number looking for more information  is very important to send out a steady follow-up campaign to these people.

You should be sending them at least 6 or 7 letters with more information, trying to get them to set an appointment or make a purchase. These are your prime leads - don't waste them.

We'll mail out your direct mail or email follow-up campaign to your leads, whether you have one report or a 10-piece follow-up campaign we can do it for you!

You can listen to the message at 1-888-221-3638.

Accessing Your Leads

By Email - When you use our toll-free service, you will receive an automatic email every time somebody calls.

If you are using one of our pre-recorded message hotline then we'll listen to your messages and transcribe them for you, you'll then receive an email every few days with the details of your new leads.

Online - You can login to the members section on this website, using a username and password we'll create for you. Once logged in you will be able to see all the mailings you've done with us, how many calls they've gotten, listen to the messages - even what report you should be mailing to them.