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“At Last!  'Lead Junkie' Discovers New Way How You Can Turn  27 Cents Into a Client in just 31-Days”

I've found the real pot of gold to building your business is in your house lists. By working your lists on a regular basis and staying in touch with them monthly in some form or another can increase your income by up to 43% just by constantly giving your clients and current  prospect a "Top-of-the-mind-experience.
That's why so many members have been successful with using our "3-Step Postcard System™" and our "Monthly Client Builder Newsletter." 



I have a confession to make...

But, don't get excited, It's not much of a "juicy" confession. Nothing about drugs, sex, rock, rock 'n' roll or criminal misconduct.

Here it is:  My wife walked in my home office the other morning at 5:15 AM and accused me of being a 'Lead Junkie' and not having balance in my family life versus my working life.

My wife , whose name is Debbie said that we needed to cut back on some of the multiple ways we generate leads for our marketing.  (Currently, we have 11 spokes of marketing.) Too, many leads coming in weekly and we couldn't come close to following up with our dripping campaign of 7-8 touches over a 6 month period.

Can you imagine that...My wife wanting to cut back and actually work our in-house database more effectively Such a novel idea...

Have you ever had to many leads to work for your business?

I know when I was full time in the Insurance business my shoebox in the front seat of my car was always full of lead cards. If I didn't have at least 50 leads in the box I would be calling my mailing company and ordering more leads.

Again, I must confess I wasn't afraid to spend money on marketing because for every dollar I spend on generating Insurance and annuity leads my ROI was from 100% to over 617%.

Wait, there's more...When I had an Insurance agency with 8-10 full time agents all working leads we had an averaged  return on our marketing dollar of 4 to 1 ratio.  Of course, selling big ticket items like annuities help drive up our ROI.

How To Turn a 27 Cents Into A Client for Life.

I am not a great fan of the United State Postal Service.  Overall it's a poorly managed, inefficient, financially troubled operation that sadly needs reform. However, in spite of all its faults it is the best sales force you can every have at a bargain price.

As most of you know I do a lot of mailings using postcards. I've found over the last 20 years that using my "3-Step Postcard System™" and small flyers have been a major part of my marketing campaign.

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Even today with the Internet, email auto responders, and the telephone I've found that I'm still mailing out thousands postcards and letters every week.

What I like about postcards is the fact that there easy to print up and mail.

Using the postman as your salesman via direct mail advertising is a great bargain and one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use for your business.  If your not using the postman for a sales person your ...blowing it!

Where can you test a marketing campaign and have results in a few short weeks.

There really is no other media that gives you all of these advantages for a delivery price of a stamp.

Advertising in newspapers and magazines, radio, TV all have a cost factor problem, mammoth waste.  When you're buying this type of advertising, you're paying for distribution outside your marketing niche area.  You have the majority of the recipients have no possible interest in what you have to offer. If your selling Pizza it's a great medium.

Most agents can benefit tremendously from the more controlled targeted process of direct mail advertising.

That's why I tell members every day if you're going to be in the annuity business you need a good list of CD Holders, IRA Holders, affluent widows and wealthy prospects with incomes over 100 K.

Here's even more proof...Had a member who is a math genius and he did a comprehensive test over a 12 month period on marketing and selling annuities.  He found by using my marketing pieces like postcards, direct mail, and client newsletters that for every $425 he spend on marketing of annuities he had a return of $4,000 in commissions.  For an ROI of 841%

I've personally found that we get a new client for our business by just mailing out several postcards over a period of 31 days.  By using postcards and letters is the fastest way to build your business...GUARANTEED!

One final thought:  The number one way for you to double and triple your income in 2008 is by investing in using postcards, flyers and direct mail. Oh yes, I almost forgot...You need a good list to mail too.

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Want to read my full story about me being a Lead Junkie go to he website below.. 



Now is the time to buy your lists and get your mailing ready for 2008.   If you thing your going to double your income in 2008 doing exactly what you did in 2007... you're crazy.


Creator of the "3-Step Postcard System";


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I "The fastest way I know for you to double your income in 2008 is to get a good list of CD, IRA and affluent widow's list and mail to them every month"






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