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I use many of our "full bag of killer strategies" every day, in my  business. I've spent decades honing my chops to lethal marketing response.  I've seen and heard it all over the last 33+ years in the Insurance  business.

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Mother of all Marketing Systems Platinum Plan 

Here’s a description of this formidable arsenal of marketing weapons and bonus reports.

World's Largest Collection of Insurance-Annuity Marketing Strategies, Tips and Secrets. Over 1500 pages of material on CD's and printed matter.

Bonus # 1 The Ultimate Lazy Agent Marketing System


        The amazing Lazy Insurance Agent’s "3-Step Postcard System” to creating your first world-class ad, postcard and sales letter (How to quickly turn your hidden salesmanship skills into white-hot sales copy…even if you flunked bone head English.)

        How to set-up your Insurance business so it supports an incredible LIFESTYLE-Which means working less than 20 hours a week earning an excellent income.  I will teach you a specific 7-step strategy!

        How to be a slam-dunk marketing wizard and shrewd Insurance Businessman – Would you like to become THE dominant Insurance agent in your town?  Learn my most intimate secrets, suck my all-time best strategies from my mind. Become a marketing genius!

        The sure-thing Direct Mail Strategy that has a long track record – I used this idea to grow one of my companies with sheer speed and velocity that was scary!

        The simple change in your marketing that can multiply your current business profits multiple times over…inside of 90 days!

        Very simple tactic to double your profits overnight!  (An astonishingly easy technique well-used by smart agents…but ignored by 99% of other Top Producers.

        A little known secret that will make every sales letter and postcard sizzle like hot cakes.  In fact, this secret will have most of your prospects sold, even before you call them on the phone.

        How to practically Guarantee That Your Ad, Letter or Postcard, Or other device Will SUCCEED in getting you clients –BEFORE you spend even a penny.

        A jealously guarded secret that makes local newspapers, television and radio stations EAGER to run your ads, without cost, risk, or expense to you.

        Discover a new strategy of “Triple Combo Postcard” that pulls up to 12%.

        A letter that pulled as high as 60% from a P&C agent.  GREAT IDEA BUILDER!

        How to Quickly and Easily Build Yourself a Marketing SYSTEM, that predictably, reliably, consistently, and AFFORDABLY provides you with more qualified prospects than you can handle.

        Get an avalanche of referrals (for under $50) using this proven, tested, already-done-for-you letter!

        Learn an ADVANCED MARKETING STRATEGY on how to legally “Roll” Up to $100,000

        How to build your own new client “Conveyor Belt” That spits out new clients as reliably as a sunrise.

         The ONLY kind of direct-mail marketing worth doing

        The One Marketing ‘Secret’ That Makes your Efforts Five-Times More Effective!  (In fact, it’s so painfully obvious that once it’s revealed to you, you’ll probably laugh out loud! Worth the price of the  course)

        How to get 100 new clients in 10 weeks or less.

        The Insider ‘Secret weapon’ That-once fully harnesses –gives ANY agent an almost unfair advantage in his or her marketplace!

        How to find the head-turning hook that reels customers into your ad like crazy!  (I’ll show you how to be the one thing your prospect reads today that gets his blood pumping and makes him crave what you’re selling.  His adrenaline levels won’t go down until he’s called you for an appointment.

        How to run small ads in even the biggest “big city” newspapers—and not spend a penny doing it! (no gimmicks here.  This method is so little understood or even known…yet it can instantly give you a $100,000 ad budget “free”, You will NOT find this info anywhere else. 

        The secret technique that lets you buy media for up to 90% below quoted “Retail.”

        How to grow your revenue and client base exponentially –faster than you ever though possible.

        How to reactivate All Those Clients you thought were “Dead”, And Turn Them into A surge Of Immediate Cash Flow.

        How to focus every precious marketing dollar ONLY on the people who already want and NEED your services and who can easily and willfully afford your fees and commissions.

        The one envelope that no one in the history of civilization has ever NOT opened!

        How to nail the passionate “sweet spot” of your customer with master class sales copy! (You’ll gain instant trust because he feels you’re “just like family.”)

        My secret taking ANYBODY’S present and existing customer base and uncovering hidden, untapped wealth inside it.

        How to create continuing, “automatic”, predictable, secure, “annuity-type” streams of cash flow  income from your business.

        How a simple idea to mail cheap postcards made this agent $33,000 in just a few short months.

        Learn how an Alabama agent wrote $195,000 in August helping seniors.

        The 7-step “idiot proof” way to generate tons of qualified leads right now, even if you’re flat broke.

        Learn how to build your own million-dollar retirement account.

        Learn a secret technique on how one agent in Ohio writes over 1 million $$$ a month in CD/Money Market financial products.

        Use this amazing FREE directory (that can be found in most all libraries) to find a virtually bottomless source of hot, new fresh clients.  (Not one in a thousand agents has ever heard of this invaluable directory.)

        The amazing “trick” One Agent used to increase His Income to $354,000—in one year California agent reveals how he wrote 8 million in annuities last year,  made $52,000 in just one month.

        5 INGENIOUS (yet virtually unknown) ways to launch your business with Guerilla Marketing Techniques.

        How to create the “irresistible marketing message” for your business that virtually no client can refuse.

        Learn the secret one agent uses to mail out 25,000 FREE postcards each month.  NO POSTAGE CHARGE!  I will even show you how to put this on autopilot.

        You will learn the “Closely Guarded Secrets” one “Top Direct Mail Marketer” uses that will help your income become unlimited.  This is absolutely mind-boggling.  (Not using these secret techniques will cost you thousands of dollars in lost commissions).

        Learn the shocking truth about how just using two words in all of your ads and letters will quickly land you at the top of your company’s newsletter.

        Learn the 20 key words that must be a part of any headline you write… tested for 50 years and still have not failed… proven to be the best words.

        A most interesting angle: “How to write a client love letter” and double your response… This is one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever heard.  So simple it never even crossed my mind

            That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find.  There are over 157 jealously guarded marketing secrets you can use.  And remember…I have used most of these marketing strategies and techniques over the last 30+ years…I have been in the trenches just like you and have successfully dug myself out!  I can honestly say I have seen the good, bad and the ugly in this business!

This is just a tiny fraction of all you will learn in this manual. The biggest complaint we get is that there is so much stuff in the 157 Money Making Strategies and Secret Manual, new members are overwhelmed by the array of specific solutions to their problems.  But, as they say in the Ginsu knife commercial, that not even close to being all you get with the system…not even close! 

My System will reveal “hidden gold mines” right there in your city or town, even untapped resources in your own financial service business that I guarantee you have no clue about.  Everyone of the 157 Secrets will show you how to revitalize your business.  Attract really great new clients who have a need for your services.


We've had one member us the postcard below as part one of  the "3-Step Postcard System" to average over $150,000 a month in annuities just using postcards.



Reveals How You Can Protect Your Life Savings From Nursing Homes & Medicaid!

Bergen County, NJ – June 2007.  Now you can learn the secrets of Long Term Care & Home Care.  Unexpected sickness or accident can wipe out your life savings, pension and home equity.

You can now protect yourself and family against financial disaster.  A little known financial secret can protect you from this disaster.

We have just published a special FREE REPORT & Analysis to see if you may qualify for these benefits. 

Write Senior Citizen Advisory Hotline, or call the 24-hour FREE REPORT hotline.

(800) 000-0000 The Future of Magazine Tear shee




 The Million Dollar Producer's "3-Step Postcard System™" includes the Top Ten Postcards and Reports!


Due to overwhelming requests, we have compiled our best of the best postcards you can copy and put to use the very first week you receive our course. All postcards are camera-ready with four postcards on a 8.5" X 11" paper.  All you do is add your 800 number. Many of our postcards pull 2-4% response.  You get your own personalized direct response marketing kit. It allows you to personalize the material you can tailor the materials to your exact market condition. You can copy these postcards and reports off our CD and put this valuable information to use the very first week you receive this course. Plus you will learn how to use our “Triple Combo Technique” that has pulled up to 12 percent.  You’ll receive special reports such as How To Preserve Your Assets from the Federal Government and the Medicaid Gang, Long-Term Care Report,  and the Don’t Outlive Your Money Report.    (Valued at $375...Yours FREE!)

 PLEASE NOTE:  We now have over 33 postcards and 17 reports you can start using the first week you receive our course.  In addition, we have a state-of-the-art Postcard mailing system that and it will do all your postcard mailings in about 20 minutes per week of your time.

FREE BONUS #2  Marketing Tool Kit.  Over 48+ different marketing and advertising tools to start building a Million Dollar Insurance Business. (Valued  $179…Yours FREE!)


 “California agent writes $8,000,000 in annuities with unique phone script, direct-mail letter and postcard!”

I will give you the postcard, flier and telephone script an agent used to write $8 million in annuities, using statements like,

        Special Report reveals how you can bulletproof your CDs, pension, Social Security and other assets from the Feds.   I can’t even begin to put a price on this system.  It was worth thousands of dollars for one of our agents.  (Valued at $200…Yours FREE!)  


    Quick Start System to Generating 100 qualified Leads Per Month

            This report will give you a fast start system to generate 100 leads in the next 30 days!  We have developed the “Lazy Agent’s Low Budget” step-by-step way for you to stuff the front seat of your car with leads.  Includes:  The top editorial ad that pulled a whopping 311 leads over a 10-day period.  This system includes how to mail only 200 postcards and by using my door approach that I've had a 75% in the house ratio with widows, a phone presentation that generates an average of five appointments for every eight seniors called, plus my award-winning “Take No Prisoners, Show No Mercy” tax-deferred letter that made me thousands of dollars in additional commissions earlier in my Insurance career. (Valued at $300...Yours FREE!)


A CD Rom with over 30 Postcards, reports, sales letter, ad and survey sheet included with this System. Simply put the CD in your computer.  No need to retype these forms.  This CD will save you time and make you lots of money!  All our postcards have 4 postcards to a 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper.  Current postage for postcards is only 23 cents.  We also have a complete mailing service that you can use that will print your postcard, address and postage for only $302.00 per thousand.  (No one can match that price.) (Value $170…Yours FREE!)


            “Insurance Agent Writes $195,000 Annuity Premium in 10 Days by Doing What You Aren’t”

That’s right!  In the first 10 days, one of our Inner Circle Members  Gary Fox ran our CD ad, mailed out 500 postcards for CDs vs. Annuities, and sold $195,000 in annuities. (Valued at $295...Yours FREE!)


Titled, “How To Quickly and Easily Get Clients and Prospects to Practically beg you to Put their Savings and Investments Into Your Financial Products.”  Discover how to convert those low CD's into annuities. (Value $100)

FREE BONUS #   Module #8 

“How To Make $85,000 Annually in the Senior Life Market.” Generating Four or Five Daily Daytime Appointments Will Be a Cakewalk!

 I've been working in the senior market for more than 33 years.  I specialized in annuities, Long Term Care and selling seniors life insurance to cover final expenses.  I was able to see 90% of all my prospects during daytime hours. Using my postcard and lead system I had countless agents who was able to write $7,000 to $20,000 in life premium monthly.  The reason is that you'll see more daytime prospects than the agent who works the mortgage market or the prospects who are ages 35 to 50.

            Another important point, by writing in what I call "The Quick Sell Money Market," I was able to sell a bundle of single premium life and annuity businesses by asking a few magic questions.  I have compiled a wealth-building sales presentation and workbook that I call "How To Make $85,000 Annually in the Senior Life Market."  In fact, my presentation has helped dozens of agents write more than $10,000 in premiums monthly.  I've been told it is the most copied presentation in this niche market!

Here is just a small sample of what's included in my marketing system.

            * Use a simple telemarketing presentation that generates 2 to 4 appointments per hour.

            * How to get your policyholders to give you 3 to 5 referrals on every sale.

            * Use the classified ad that I've used to recruit agents for the last 12 years.

            * How to accumulate a million dollars in renewals to use for your retirement.

            * A simple technique that will assure you 5 daytime appointments per day.

            * Use a 2-minute survey to see if your prospect is a prospect for SPL, LTC or annuities.

            * Learn a magic question that will generate an extra $50,000 per month in annuity premium

            * How to get 85% of your prospects to call you for an appointment. . (Value $95)


Secrets of Selling Annuities Via the Mail

  Now you can use our direct mail annuity system that will generate annuity applications while  you’re sitting at home relaxing.  Step by step procedures will guide you every step for you.  (Value $250)

   Total Success now awaits you, are you interested?


But wait…There’s more!!  Check out our additional bonuses!

FREE BONUS #10 Cross Selling Marketing System  

“Discover the Secret How One  Agent Uses Cross Selling Marketing to Write Over 2,000 Long Term Care Policies and Millions in Annuities.”

How one Long Term Care sales person has an 80% closing average with her system.

How one financial advisor sells over 300 policies a year with a direct mail Long Term Care sales system. 

How to sell two to five annuities a month (average $100,000+) using small, inexpensive ads and postcards.  Learn where to get a list of existing annuity owners and use a direct mail program that generates a three-percent response rate. Sample ads included.

The Ultimate Cross-Selling Combo Long Term Care and annuity presentation on CD Rom. Great  for a laptop.

Sample postcard and newspaper ads that one agent used to generate over $136,000 in annuity premiums.

Learn how a “California Agent Writes Over $8,000,000 in Annuities Annually with a Long Term Care Phone Script, Direct Mail Letter and Postcard!”  We will give you the postcard, flier and telephone script this agent used to write eight million dollars in annuities.  Use statements like, “Discover How Many Retirees can Qualify for Medicaid Assistance Without ‘Spending-Down’ Assets to the $2,000-$3,000 Cash Level that Medicaid Usually Requires” or “Learn How you can Bullet Proof your CD’s, Pension, Social Security and Other Assets from the Government.” (Value $300)


Get your FREE REPORT with dozens of "killer" promotional tips and tricks -- A $147 VALUE!   Exciting new EZine Newsletter issues all FREE to you!

Insurance marketing and annuity marketing resources









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You get the  back issues of our  “ INSURANCE SECRETS REVEALED  NEWSLETTER” In these newsletters, you will receive marketing strategies, ready-to-use ads, postcards, letters and reports of “what’s working” from my Members all over the country.   (Value $97)

Here’s a sample of marketing techniques you will learn from our newsletters.

* How to increase response on your ads, postcards and direct-mail letters by 1800%.

* How to avoid the really dumb mistakes behind all advertising failures.

* Use a simple 36-word postcard to make $7 in commissions for every $1 you spend.

* What type of envelope to use that will double the chances of getting your mail opened.

* How to run an editorial ad in your local newspaper for FREE!

* How to get qualified prospects for less than 23 cents a name.

* A sample classified ad to get prospects their 401-K to rollover to $$$.

* A sample direct mail letter to sell annuities that will generate an extra 50 leads per month.

* A promotional letter that returned an average of $1,451 profit for $171 spent.

   Plus much, much more!   (Valued at $97...Yours FREE!)

FREE BONUS #12  Asset Preservation Workbook. - One of our members used our display ad in his local newspaper and wrote a $450,000 annuity using this workbook. (Value $175)

FREE BONUS #13  Platinum Member Only! Inner Circle Consulting and Marketing Assistance includes three personal Fax Consultation coupons. (Valued at $700...Yours FREE!)

FREE BONUS #14 Platinum Members Only!  Exclusive Seminar Workshop. Now you can steal the secrets of a 10 Million Dollar Annuity Seminar Producer. Why pay upwards of $1500 for these seminar marketing system when you can have it as a bonus. Seminar CD includes  over 200 Slide presentations, handouts, postcards and evaluation form. (Value $600)

FREE BONUS #15 Platinum Members Only!  3-Steps to Multi-Million Dollar Production Marketing System Volume 1 & 2. Over 200 pages of ready to use, money making marketing system. Includes postcards, letters,  letters, and newspaper ads  for tapping  the senior market. (Value $175)

FREE BONUS #16 Platinum Members Only!

Annuity Selling Strategies System 

This system is for agents who specialize in Annuity Sales and who want to take it to the next level. Is a complete, turnkey, annuity lead generating and Annuity Sales System.  You will learn techniques and strategies from some of the Top Multi Million Dollar Annuity Producers.  Includes six Power Point Annuity Presentations.

Includes the following auto pilot annuity marketing system:

  •  Over 300 pages of "Annuity Selling Strategies" with proven system of sales ideas, methods and techniques used by the world's best Annuity Sale people.

  • Discover 10 low cost, proven ways to generate a steady flow of high quality leads.

  • Million Dollar Annuity Producers reveal how they sell Millions in annuities using seminars.

  • Learn the secrets of "How one agent produced $65,480 in Earnings with 10 Appointments a Month."  

  • You will receive 2 ad's that attract only people that have CD's maturing within a 2-Month period.

  • How to target the "Baby Boomers" and Seniors offering them a 24-hour voicemail 800 service to call.

  • Receive 2 camera-ready Postcards, designed to create urgency in the mind of CD owners that one agent used to generate over $53,534 in commissions in just one month.

  • Learn how one of the Top Million Dollar Round Table Agent Made over "One Million in Annuity Commissions in only six Months."  Learn his secrets with 10 Principals of Selling Annuities."

  • Receive 5 Power Point Annuity Presentations with one used by an agent who wrote over 8 Million in Annuities. Plus, receive Power Point presentations for Living Trusts, Medicaid Spend down, Roth IRA and a presentation from an agent who writes over $10 Million a year in annuities.

  • Two camera-ready newspaper advertisements that generate qualified leads, for an average of $10.00 per lead.

  • 'The transcript of a 2-minute voice mail message that gets people to raise their hand for you to contact.

  • How to screen your initial telephone interviews with prospects, before you ever meet with them. This insures you will only meet with qualified prospects.

  • Receive two special customize reports you can use to mail out to your clients.

  • Receive a special Medicaid Annuity Presentation that one agent used to close 90% in one call close.

  •  A unique and very successful presentation that some agents use to close 70% of their prospects in one call. 

  • Includes the "Magic One Page Closing Tool" that have helped other agents close 70% on the first visit.  How to use it through out your whole presentation that will help you close on the first visit.                     

FREE BONUS #17  Platinum Members Only! The 17 most profitable ads and marketing campaigns that I’ve EVER developed-PLUS a lifetime license to “steal” them and duplicate them exactly for your own business.  I’ve paid a copywriter $5,000 to create ONE sales letter for me, so imagine what it would cost to have a good copywriter create 17 campaigns for you! (Value $1,000’s)

FREE BONUS #18 Platinum Members Only!  Annuity Pro Lead Generating Website and Auto Responder.  You will have your own lead generating website where you can add your website address to all your ads, postcards, letters, and sales letters. We will also send out to every prospect that enters their name and email address a series of reports and articles all with your name and phone number on them. This is a pre-loaded auto-responders to follow-up with your prospects automatically.

 The normal set up fee for a website and auto responder is $495.00.  However, for a limited time with our Platinum system we’re waiving the set up fee and you will only pay a small monthly charge of $39.00 to maintain the site along with all the other benefits in the Platinum Club.  (Value $495.00)

Every Platinum Plan order placed within the next 72 hours  will receive our brand new "Annuity Pro Lead Capture Web Page and Auto Responder and we will waive the $495.00 Setup FEE In addition you will receive the first month free of our Platinum Club membership. Limited Time Only! Click here to order


72 Hour Speedy Response Bonus

This 72 Hour bonus includes the “Top Producer’s  Training Audio  tapes on CD Rom.  This bonus includes

  • Totally Unique Million Dollar Sales Presentation.” 

  •  “Million Dollar Renewal Retirement Plan.”

  •  How To Become Your Own Marketing Genius." 

  • "The $85,000 Final Expense Senior Life Insurance Presentation."

  • How a Million Dollar Producer reveals his Red, Green and Blue Presentation for rolling CD's  This complete CD system is loaded with slam-dunk methods to get prospects to come to you.  You will be the only financial advisor in the area that has seniors waiting on your front step.( Value $250)


You Get Six Months To Work Our "3-Step Postcard System" and our Annuity Pro Lead Generating System and You'd-Better-Make-Money-or-You-Get-Your-Money-Back.

Get the "Ultimate Lazy Agent  Marketing System".  Read it and try it out, put my proven "3 Step Postcard system" to the test. 

           We have nothing to fear because we know our system works!  We will give you  YOUR MONEY BACK  by following our “3 Step Postcard System™.” 

            Try my simple proven formula for our "3-Step Postcard System."  Just purchase a list of 3,000 senior citizens between the ages of 60-75 and incomes of $40,000 and up.  Then you take one or more of our "Top 10 Postcards" and mail the list at least 750 postcards per week.  The key to the "3-Step Postcard System" is mailing the list at  least three times over a three month period.  You can change the postcard every month if you like. 

You will also need to have a recorded message 800 number setup that will capture the phone numbers of the people without them giving you their number. We can help you with the service starting at only $9.95 a month.

Receipts are required for printing, lists purchase, mailing and 800 service on your part in order to receive your money back.  You have up to six months to work the "3-Step Postcard System."

This is the only guarantee we offer because of our system works if you will work the system.

Fair enough?



   Click here to order immediately!

You can now purchase the  "Mother of All Systems Platinum Plan" on our installment plan.


So why am I doing this, with the miracle of CD-ROM's we can put over 1,565 pages of strategies, sample ads, postcards, direct-mail letters on 3 CD-ROM's.  In addition, you will receive over 600 pages of printed material. The CD's will virtually allow you to make your own personalized letters, postcards, and reports for you to use and print.

By the way, just in case you’re concerned that I am some kind of "fly by night" scam artist, you should know that I have been selling and marketing Insurance for over 33 years.   Call or email your questions to our office during regular business hours between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM MT. Mon-Fri. 800-808-6551 and let us help you. 

Our email address is 

You can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or DISCOVER! 

Again, you can call us at (800) 808-6551 to order or ask questions

            I have tried to make this as easy as possible for you.  I have given you a chance to start now…using effective marketing approaches that produce results.

            I have been told by hundreds of agents that the marketing system that we provide is unsurpassed by ANYONE!  If you are the type of agent or financial advisor that is willing to try new marketing techniques and has a desire to increase your income by generating more qualified daytime leads, you will benefit from ordering our  system.

Best wishes for your success,

 R.J. Jones

R.J. Jones

"Creator of the 3-Step Postcard System."


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