California Agent writes over $8,000,000 in Annuities using Cheap 23 cent Postcards


Using my marketing advice, one agent wrote more than $8 million in annuities.  He wrote more than $200,000 in premium in life and health sales as well.  How did he do it?  First of all, I helped him develop 5 or 6 postcards to mail out.  You can use the same ones this agent uses.


  He uses our “3-Step Postcard System dripping technique that has him mailing the same list of affluent seniors  every 6 weeks. He works a 10 miles radius around his office and works prospects between the ages of 62 to 78 and with incomes over $50,000.


By the way our list broker did a test and found out that 60% of people with incomes over $50,000 have CD's.   Back to Confidential Report


I also helped him develop a marketing script for his telephone assistant who qualifies and books all the leads that come in on his 800 voicemail.   The script is designed to get people to accept additional information on tax deferred income and Long Term Care benefits.  His goal is to have 17 in the house appointments per week using one of our 22+ postcards. Think about it for a minute if I showed you how to sell an extra  $200,000 in annuity premium every month  using my postcard system and  you made $15,000 in commissions wouldn’t it make sense to take $2,000 of those commissions and put it back into  more postcard? 


Listen closely!  Frequency Build Trust!  The more you drip on your prospect the better chance you have of getting their business.


The above agent  has a mother and daughter team who telephone for him. They also, work from their home contacting each of his clients twice a year to offer them a financial review. (We have over 22 postcards that he uses on a regular basis.


Any questions about our marketing system call us at 435-755-5096 to discuss your current marketing situation. 


Enthusiastically Yours,

Russ Jones

Creator of the "3-Step Postcard System

Alias the “Postcard Wizard”


P.S.  I've found a great list broker who is honest and her lists are designed for dripping.  In other words, you own the list and can use it over and over again.  She doesn't stuff her lists with people making $15,000 and are in their late 80's like several other list brokers I know.


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