“Chicago Agent Average Annuity Sale is Now $287,494 Using the New Compass Financial Tool  and his Closing Ratio is 76.8%”



  Thursday, January 20, 2005


FROM: The desk of Russ Jones


I just returned from Atlanta Georgia and  I’m really excited about the  new Compass Financial software. In fact one agent from Chicago Illinois said his average annuity sale went from $75,000 to an average of $287,494.  He also has a 76.8% closing ration with using the Compass Financial software and has written millions in Annuity business.


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Best wishes, for your success,


Russ Jones



P.S.  I believe by using the Compass Financial Software may be the fastest way to doubling your income in the annuity business in 2005.



PLEASE NOTE:  There is no guarantee you can receive the same results with the software.  Your average annuity sale may be much lower.