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A sample of an email letter we send twice a month to prospects or current clients

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“How to Add Up to $500,000 to Your Retirement Fund –Tax-Free!


Here’s what you will learn in this month’s “Smart Money News and Facts You Should Know” Newsletter.

·        New tax law in 2010 allows you an opportunity to have TAX-FREE INCOME on some of your investments.

·        7 Ways to Squash Identity Theft and protect your assets.

·        The secret to spending less and living just as well.

·        Forms that can mess up your IRA and can cost you and your family thousands of dollars.

·        7 Radical Savings Tips to Save You Up to $12,000 a Year.

·        Questions you should be asking your financial planner.

·        The Leaner you are, the richer you’ll get.


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