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 Please note:  We have wholesale "Niche Power Leads" for final expense, annuities, IUL's, wealthy widow leads, Professional business owners and high income Professional Medical People.  Call us at 435-563-4749 for details. 


Discover 7 Insurance Marketing and Sales Techniques that will help you to double your income in 2016…GUARANTEED!


Insurance leads-Annuity leads Topics to be covered

Your current client list is the best

How to generate Insurance leads daily

New Postcard Mailing System

Sample postcards that have sold millions

How a Multi-Million Dollar Producer gets referrals

Stop pushing products

 Now let me give you 7 Insurance  Marketing and Sales Techniques that will help you to double your income in the next 90 days…GUARANTEED.


1.  YOUR CURRENT CLIENT LIST IS THE BEST-The very best list you have is from your current clients who you have sold one or more financial products.  The reason is these people have already bought from you.  They  trust you enough to buy your product and services.


I know from years of experience that four things are guaranteed when it comes to our business.

  • The leads from interested parties are better than anything else.
  • No matter how interested someone is in our services they rarely call us. (It’s an amazing thing, most people don’t- or, worse, won’t-see the forest for the trees when it comes to things financial. Some people will devote more time going over their supermarket receipts to make sure they haven’t been overcharged a few dollars than they’ll spend keeping their life savings from becoming a windfall for Uncle Sam.
  • If you continually mail your prospects and clients a postcard, letter, flyer or monthly newsletter you will see your business grow quickly.
  • If you do a follow up on your postcards and letters via the phone you will see your appointments go up.
  • Contact your current clients who are at the retirement age and talk with them about their 401 (k) or IRA account.


I also developed a phone script on IRA Rollovers and annuity updates that will get most agents an 60% appointment rate with affluent widows and baby boomers.  I also, have a script that was developed by a young man in California who has his college son dial a 100 numbers per day of people who have received his postcards.   He asks if they would be receptive to receiving a Free Report on how to receive tax deferred income on their investment and if they would be interested in moving their retirement into a tax free Roth.  He then sends out a package that contains the following: 


A dynamite sales letter, annuity brochure from his Insurance Company, one of our free reports, an illustration that shows the difference between Bond, CD’s, Money Markets, and Annuities and finally a testimonial sheet.  He has an excellent follow up script he uses to secure appointments.  One week he had 21 people request his information and he wrote over $270,000 in annuity premium.  You can find this script and letter on the second CD in the “Ultimate Insurance System.” 


In addition, he pays his son $10.00 per hour plus a bonus and he works 2-3 hours a day, four days a week.  Let me tell you, if you can find a good marketing assistant who can work from her home or your office and dial 400 phone numbers of people who received your postcards or letters she or he will be worth her weight in GOLD. 

 I go into great detail about marketing assistants in my “197 Marketing Secrets and Strategies Course.”

I had a marketing assistant for years who booked me an 8:30 AM and a 11:00AM appointment M-F.  She had a wonderful phone voice and she worked for years for me.  I trained her on what tip of prospect I was looking for to sell Insurance and annuities. She mainly called off my "powe Niche Leads Of Widows."


WARNING: Stay away from those appointment setting companies. I've found that  9 out of every 10 agents I talk to about these companies lose thousands of dollars.  So you've been warned.  Believe me I know from personal experience.


Let me give you just one classified ad I used for recruiting an appointment setter that had my phone ringing off the hook.  Remember, I live in an area in Utah that has 25,000 college students.

Help Wanted Section

Part Time Marketing Assistant Wanted for Busy Marketing Office.  Must have good phone skills and self starter.  $8.00 hour plus bonuses based on your success.  Work from home if required.  Call Russ at 435-563-4749.

(The above personal phone number is current if you need to ask marketing questions.)  Make note of it and when you spend $1,000's of dollars on some mailing program or appointment setting scheme and you feel discouraged give me a call. ( Fair enough!)

I had so many people call on this ad I thought I should set up a telemarketing room for generating leads for agents.  Then I realized I only need one good marketing assistant and didn’t want to complicate my life.

A boiler room can get ugly if you don't know what your doing.


2. HOW TO GENERATE ANNUITY LEADS AND IRA ROLLOVER LEADS DAILY- I had an agent recently call me and in our conversation ask me, “When is the best time to be looking for leads?”  I told him right now and all the time. About 90% of all agents wait until their out of leads to start looking for the next best lead program.

No matter if your company gives you leads or how successful you are, don’t put off lead generation for a later day.  By the time you need leads again it may be too late.


Being a "Lead Junkie" I’ve been telling agents for years that you need to be cultivating high quality annuity and IRA Rollover leads everyday of the week.

By developing a clear postcard or letter marketing campaign and follow up with my award winning phone script, it will give you large numbers of quality leads and will greatly contribute to making you more money...

If you wait until you need leads you will be too hungry for them and maybe even a little desperate for the business.

You may not be as selective and discerning as you should be.  You may very well end up trying to do business with people that have very little money. Can you imagine that!

Have you ever gone shopping to the grocery store when you’re hungry?  When you get to the checkout counter you will have a whole lot of junk food you really don’t need.  Compare this when you shop when you’re not hungry. 

Don’t wait until you need leads to look for them.  Get as many leads now while you can, while your mind is clear.  Don’t wait until you’re starving for leads. Start using our “3-Step Postcard System™” along with dozens of other marketing strategies you will find in our marketing system.


3. ANNUITY AND IRA ROLLOVER MAILING TECHNIQUE- Many agents ask me how I have done my postcard mailing in the past.  I would mail out a 1,000 postcards per week and I mail it to a list of people age 60-78 with incomes over $50,000.  (My list broker did a survey and found that 80% of the people between ages 55-78 and incomes over $50,000 had CD’s. Warning: Make sure you’re using an honest list broker that cleans their list monthly and will not stuff your counts with low income and over age people.  Yes, there are dishonest list brokers who will have you spending your hard earned money chasing people with incomes under $15,000 and over 90 years old.) I’ve been burned before by these people.  I finally, have an honest list broker I would recommend to anyone. 

I specialize in helping our members secure lists of CD, IRA Holders, baby boomers, Affluent Widow's, Wealthy Americans high income professionals.  Questions on lists give me a call at 435-563-4749.


4. HOW TO USE ONE OF MY 20 POSTCARDS-You will find in my new updated course the “Ultimate Insurance System” over 20 postcards and 17 reports that are ready for you to use.  Just go to  "Ultimate Insurance System"  for details.


Statistics from direct mail houses show that 40% of all Insurance Agents only mail to a prospect one time.  In addition, 25% will do it twice.  I suggest you contact your prospect continually. In other words, I would mail a postcard every four to six weeks, and then do another one and on the third sequence either do a one page 8.5”X11” newsletter with your picture on it or have your marketing assistant do a follow up phone call.

Here’s a very simple approach.


5.  HOW TO SPENT MORE TIME IN FRONT OF PROSPECTS- Do you know what the average weekly time an agent spends in front of prospects selling?   The average sales person is in front of prospects selling only 8 hours a week. Now let me ask you a personal question.  How many hours do you spend in front of prospects weekly?  You may have no idea or do not even keep track.  A while back I was at a Life Insurance Selling Conference in Illinois and one of the speakers who made over $200,000 in commissions  selling annuities last month spends an average of 17 hours a week in front of prospects. 

Do you realize if you want to make $200,000 this year in commissions and you work a normal 40 hours a week for 50 weeks you would need to earn $100 a hour.  So if you're trying to make all of your own appointments where you could hire a marketing assistant at $10.00 per hour your losing $90.00 a hour of your 40 hour work week.

Here's another fact of life you should remember this year.  I haven't found an agent yet making $200,000 a year by getting their sales by word-of-mouth or by just having one spoke of marketing.  You need to be doing direct response marketing using postcards, flyers and letters to a qualified list of CD, IRA and Affluent Americans.

If you're in the final expense marketing you need to be having 3-4 interviews a day. I know some agents who use my $500+ A Day Lead System average this amount of appointments.


Let me just tell you that if you’re not selling annuities and IRA Rollovers as part of your sales and marketing system you are not living up to your full potential. The top financial advisors in the country that make over a million dollars in our business sell annuities. 

6. MILLION DOLLAR REFERRAL TECHNIQUE-Million dollar sales agents are always seeking qualified referrals for leads during the sales prospects. A while back I was reading an excellent book on selling called “The Ultimate Selling Power” by Donald Moine, PHD and Ken Lloyd,
PHD talk about this concept. 

Upon completion of the sale a good salespeople will ask the customer if she knows anyone else who could use their product or services.  Sales superstars often ask for, and receive, those leads even before a sale has been consummated!  


I have a number of members who use my monthly client newsletter along with my "Tell-A-Friend" insert and they give it out  on every interview. They offer a $25 gift certificate to Red Lobster or Olive Garden for 5 referrals. You would be surprised how many  people will give up their friends and neighbors for a dinner out. Check out my newsletter and landing pages  at

Here is an example of how one of the top sales and marketing minds in the U.S. accomplishes a ton of referrals..

Tom Gau, MBA, CFP, CPA is one of the most successful financial planners in the world today.  Tom is not just a millionaire, he makes millions of dollars each year in income by helping his clients slash their taxes and increase their investment returns.  In his very first meeting with a new client (before anything has been sold), Tom will say, “I am paid in two ways;   One is a very small money management fee, the other is that when I do an outstanding job for my clients, they tell their friends about me.  If I do a truly outstanding job for you, is there any reason you would not want a few of your friends or relative to know about the benefits I offer?”

What can a person say?  Because they want the best for their friends and relatives, they have to recommend Tom Gau.  Tom has said that the average client gives him five or six high quality referrals over the course of a few months.  Even more remarkable is that Tom Gaus powerful lead generation strategy costs him virtually nothing.  He simply tells clients in the very first meeting that he expects leads when he does a great job. Clients are happy to supply those leads.  It is not by accident that Tom Gau built his assets under management to nearly $500+ million.

In another chapter in the “Ultimate Selling Power” book I discovered another brilliant concept.  We should believe in the value YOU bring to the Table.  I know you don’t have skills to take care for a life-threatening illness.  However, you can be proud, excited and passionate about what you are offering?  If you can find the most appropriate and powerful product and services for young people or older families, if you can help them diversify their holdings, reduce risk, enhance returns, lower their taxes, avoid hidden fees, pay off mortgages early, fund the kid’s college education, and retire early and rich over 25 years, you can turn a $100,000 net worth into a $5 million net worth family.


Through all of these solutions combined with second-to-die life insurance policies, Fixed Index annuities, and Stretch IRA's, some of our agents and financial advisors have been able to turn $1 Million net worth families into $20 million net worth families. How can you not get excited and passionate about that?  YOU can make a difference!

If you can help families and individuals accomplish their goals, you can accomplish miracles. However, as great as these products, services, and solutions are, people still have to be sold on them.


7. STOP PUSHING PRODUCTS-You need to throw out the ugly suit of pushing products and start building relationships with your prospects building a direct response monthly relationship with your existing clients.

  • Stop selling products, interest rates, yield features.
  • Find what your prospect wants, needs and desires are.  Find out what motivates them. Disturb them with questions and give them the solution to their pain.
  • Sell financial needs – safety of principle.
  • Can you answer why a prospect should do business with you, above any other options, including doing nothing, or whatever I’m doing NOW?
  • You need to be a builder of Relationship with your clients and prospects. This is why we do a monthly "prospect and client newsletter" every month for our members.

You need to build a USP for yourself. What makes you different from all other financial advisors in your area. For instance do you do any of the following:

  • I help clients create wealth and protect their principal and assets from greedy attorneys and the IRS.
  • I save people thousands in taxes and other financial expenses that they overpay.
  • We get money for business owners using little known secrets that your banker doesn’t want you to know about.
  • I give people a Money Personality Profile that shows them why there are almost always blowing thousands of dollars a year.
  • I show people how to save thousands of dollars in taxes and beat this new tax laws…totally legally!
  • I show people with net worth over 2 Million how to completely protect themselves from losing their assets to lawsuits.

Thing of your business as a wagon wheel with spokes and the hub is the base. If you only have two spokes and one breaks your in trouble.  However if you have at least 8 spokes and one breaks it won’t be a problem.  That’s what you want your Insurance marketing business to have. You need to have systems in place for building referrals, current clients, center of influences, postcards, telemarketing, newspaper ads, etc.   

Check out the latest postcard I wrote for an agent:

Dentist Campaign Users


            Although written for dentists, this ad can be used for physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, etc. Any high income professionals this will work wonderfully!  You will only have to change the language to target your specific audience.  This should be mailed directly to your target market.  Because there are few of these people, it would be a waste of your money to run it in a local newspaper.  We can get you high income professionals in your region. Just call us at 435-563-4749.



I hope you enjoyed this newsletter and you will apply some of the principals discussed.  If you need marketing help or just want to talk about your current marketing campaign give me a call at 1-435-563-4749.  If you haven’t ordered my "197 Marketing Strategies and Ultimate Insurance System" and would like  to read additional marketing and sales techniques just go to the following website:


Go forth and prosper,

Russ  J. Jones

P.S. Questions on marketing call my personal line at 435-563-4749 and let's discuss your current marketing campaign.



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The quickest and most efficient way for you to get all my ideas at once so you can start seeing changes in your business right away is to visit my site at  and read my  FREE CONFIDENTIAL REPORT.

"FREE LIST COUNT" The number one secret you need to know about marketing is having a quality list of prospects to mail your postcards and letters.

The most important marketing tip I can give you is have a good list. Our company uses a list broker that has been doing lists for over 12 years. Just click here and download a free  list count. We use 17 different sources to compile our "Power Niche Leads." Click below:




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“I had a 100% profit with my Postcard mailing.  I sent out 1,100 postcards the first time and got 11 Responses.  Of these I closed 3 for a $5,100 commission.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal.  Thanks so much.”  R. Russell Topeka, KS.





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