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FR         Newsletter #52
Russ J. Jones is the #1 Authority on sequential mailings using a "3-Step Postcard System and
 a prospecting and client newsletter. He specializes in using IRA, CD Holders and Affluent Widows lists.

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When you optimize your Insurance and annuity lead system, you increase your "upside leverage" --leverage refers to the amount of increase you can get an activity to produce for you.  You have unlimited upside leverage --it's up to you how far you want to take it.


Insurance Marketing Is the Ultimate Financial Leverage


I was reading one of my hundreds of marketing books on marketing and I read today from the great marketer, Jay Abrahams in his "Six Week Mentors Program" that cost his participates $5,000 to be a part of; he explained the factor of leverage in the following way.

Never forget that marketing is the ultimate financial leverage.  You have an incredible advantage you probably never even realized by being in business on your own. That advantage is the fact that your chances of creating wealth or creating greater wealth are about 100 times more certain than a person who's trying to do it through passive investment.  Why? Because an business has the ultimate financial leverage available to you, and that leverage is called "marketing."


I look at leverage the way a lot of people look at cholesterol.  there are two kinds: good leverage and bad leverage.  Just like there are two kinds of cholesterol - the good kind and the bad.  With leverage, bad leverage is anything that has lots of risk or financial danger attached. 


 In other words, it's anything you can do where if it doesn't work, you lose almost everything and everything can be a lot of money or more even than you put up.  Good leverage is when you can eliminate or control the downside risk or the danger to almost nil, and yet the upside can be infinite.


I have found over the last 25 years of doing direct response marketing, if you test various concepts conservatively at first and you bring various combinations together in a Parthenon effect, what you end up doing is multiplying your results over and over again.  You go from arithmetic to geometric to EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.  


 And by exponential you seriously have the capacity and the potential to produce returns and yields that exceed thousands of percent.


I've had returns on my marketing investment of from 200%-400% even up to 1000%.  Honestly, multiples of a thousand percent a year return on your marketing investment are very certain and predictable.


That's why when your working in the IRA Rollover market the upside income potential is tremendous.


Now, let's get into this months report to give you some marketing strategies that you can use to leverage your marketing dollars.


1. Drip postcard marketing
Direct mail is one of the best methods to create a steady flow of annuity leads prospects, and any advisor can use it successfully.


Mailing personal and colored postcards is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to make sure your message is seen and read. When a personal postcard arrives in the mail, it stands out because of its unique. All of us tend to look at the postcards we receive in the mail; we turn the card over and quickly read the message. When your prospects do that, youíll be winning the first battle in getting their attention.


Consider a ďdrip marketing program." Itís called a drip program because itís repetitive. Send a series of unique personalize colored postcards, to your targeted list of IRA Holders and affluent Americans list prospects.


Even if they throw the card away after reading it, the message was sent, delivered and read, and an image was created in their minds. Most of the time, you must send mail to the same person two, three, even up to seven times a year or more times before you penetrate his armor and get a response. When you send a series of cards, you create a message and an image and improve your response rate.


The following is a formula that has worked for me and for dozens of other successful members of our marketing system: Each month, you should be sending out a series of postcards to prospects that have 401 (k) and IRA Rollovers living in targeted zip code areas.


You can mail out a sample postcard like the one below or you can use our services. We recommend you use our automatic mailing system at  and get responses from prospect that call the toll-free number and ask for more information.


Interested in IRA Rollover business go to


For more information on our website and client newsletter go take a test drive over at


Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

Creator of the "3-Step Postcard System"



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"Russ; they worked!  I just sent my first mailing and the first response was 37 leads in the first week.  I am sending out 3500 every three weeks.  So all the leads will be added to my monthly newsletter.  Last month (June07) we wrote $904,000 in annuities.  The first time in a long time I made $78,300 in a month." Michael M. Smith, IL.


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"Russ; they worked!  I just sent my first mailing and the first response was 37 leads in the first week.  I am sending out 3500 every three weeks.  So all the leads will be added to my monthly newsletter.  Last month  (June 07) we wrote $904,000 in annuities.  The first time in a long time I made $78,300 in a month. " Michael Smith, MO.


“I had a 100% profit with my Postcard mailing.  I sent out 1,100 postcards the first time and got 11 Responses.  Of these I closed 3 for a $5,100 commission.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal.  Thanks so much.”  R. Russell Topeka, KS.

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