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Newsletter #1

Discover 7 Insurance Leads-Annuity Leads and Insurance Marketing and Sales Techniques that will help you to double your income   in 2009…GUARANTEED.

Newsletter #2 

How To Write Insurance Leads -Annuity Leads Headlines That Will Increase Your Response By Up To 1800%!

 Newsletter #3

Discover 8 Golden Insurance Marketing Strategies that will  Build You an Automatic  Six-Figure Income in 12 Months or Less…GUARANTEED!

 Newsletter #4

10 Important Insurance leads-Annuity Leads Marketing Tips

Newsletter  #5

"How to Generate Up to 27 Insurance leads-Annuity Leads Calls Per Week from Qualified Prospects With No Prospecting, No 'Selling' and Absolutely No Pressure Or Rejection..."

Newsletter #6

How to Build up a Million Dollar Insurance Marketing Commission in four years.

.Newsletter #7

How to beat a slump with postcards

Newsletter #8

“Life Insurance Leads Isn’t Everything – There’s Also Diamonds"

 Newsletter #9

The Two  Strategies Top Producers Use To Separate Themselves From all The Waanabe Top Producer’s Agents.

Newsletter #10

Why the ARM Method is so Important to your success for Generating Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads

Newsletter #11

Your Insurance lead-Annuity lead Headline is 90% of your success

Newsletter #12

How To Double Your Return by using "Assumptive Postcards."

Newsletter #13

How to get Double and Triple Response to your mailers

Newsletter #14

Has Your Business Card Done Anything For You Lately?

Newsletter #15

Insurance Marketing System Nets one Agent 21 Leads and $210,000 in Annuities

Newsletter #16

How Not To Be a World Class Wimpy Agent...Weak Kneed and afraid of Your Own Shadow...By Not Following Up On All Your Prospects.

Newsletter #17

"Discover 10 Reasons Why You Get Poor Results on Your Marketing."

Newsletter #18

"How an agent wrote over $8 Million in annuities using postcards.

Newsletter #19

"How to get a 30% Drop-By-Visit ratio using our Phone Approach"

Newsletter #20

"7 Surefire Ways to Build Your Business"

Newsletter #21

"10 Ways to Promote your client newsletter"

Newsletter #22

"Good marketers make the most money"

Newsletter #23

Greatest Marketing Secret from a High $6 Figure Annuity Agent"

Newsletter #24

How to Add An Extra $10,000 a Month to Your Income

Newsletter #25

"7 Ways How You Can Become a Top Annuity Sales Pro"

Newsletter #26

The most powerful MONEY-MAKING Farming System


How a Northeast Member increase his Production in December by 217%


How a 75 Year Old Legally Blind Agent writes 2.5 Million in annuities every year...Doing what you aren't


Insurance Agent is Held Hostage and a Prisoner for 24 Months...
Finally Released and writes 3 Million in annuities

Newsletter #30

“At Last!  'Lead Junkie' Discovers New Way How You Can Turn  26 Cents Into a Client in just 31-Days”

Newsletter #31

"17 Action Steps To  Increase Referrals, Improve Retention, and Attract Clients for 2008!"

Newsletter #32

"I Want To Get This Off My Chest Before I Explode"

Newsletter #33

"Agent Explodes his business like an over active teenager on Steroid."

Newsletter #34

"How to Quickly and Easily Double your Production using Systematic Marketing"

Newsletter #35

"How to get triple response from your direct mail and postcard"

Newsletter #36

Agent Averages 56 Leads A Month using postcards

Newsletter #37

Insurance Agent Nightmare

Newsletter #38

Agent nets $24,257 for just two hours of work.

Newsletter #39

#1 Top Gun Annuity Producer Referral approach

Newsletter #40

Agent on fire explodes

Newsletter #41

How to Get Your Share of the $200,000 - $400,000 IRA Rollover Market

Newsletter #42

DATELINE:  Response to the negative program

Newsletter #43

Sequential Mailing System Works

Newsletter #44

Tale of a $250,000 + Commission Annuity Producer

Newsletter #45

Agent uses Government little-known tax law to write $900,000 IRA Rollover

Newsletter #46

"How are top Advisors generating $750,000 to over $1 Million a year in income."

Newsletter #47

"How does a 200 Million Dollar Annuity Producers Does it."

Newsletter #48

Biggest mistakes agents make on direct mail marketing

Newsletter #49

How to put $13,000 a month into your annuity bank

Newsletter #50

How to make a profit of $4300, by investing just $700

Newsletter #51

Power phrase that will double your income in 2009

Newsletter #52

How to Maximize and Leverage your marketing $$$

Newsletter #53

Dance with the one that brought you.

Newsletter #54

Seven "Golden Nuggets" you can use to help increase your income.

Newsletter #55

How does an old geezer 76 years old writes over $400,000 in monthly annuities

Newsletter #56

Secrets of Crumpled mailed

Newsletter # 57

Your house is on fire


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