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Sample Direct Mail Tear Sheet Click here

"At Last!  You Can Send Personalized Postcards and Direct Mail Letters From the Comfort of Your Couch!”

"Personalized Tear Sheets and Postcards"

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Announcing a mailing system that will out pull your best direct mail campaign and increase your response by up to 200% with our "Personal Touch technologies.™"


This Magazine Tear Sheet mailing makes use of 3 never before seen technologies coming together to produce a MEGA-under the radar mailing.



 Personal Postcard For CD Holders, IRA Holders and Affluent Widows This brand new postcard is rebuilt from the ground up with the Personal Touch promise. It is addressed using our Hand Writing technology,  and has a "2nd notice" stamp on the front.

The copy side of the postcard is personalized, and makes use of our red marker. The call to action is hand written on the bottom in red marker - see the picture.

For a limited time only you can test this brand new postcard AT COST. This is a limited time offer so, reserve your mailing today.


These unique mailers are only available to members of Russ Jones' "3-Step Postcard System If you would like to use these technologies check out our order form for details.




CD Holder

Average response rate: 1.2%


IRA Holders & Affluent Widows

Average response rate: 1.15%


Response rates last updated 8/6/08


Sample Postcards


This Magazine Tear Sheet mailing makes use of 3 never before seen technologies coming together to produce a

 MEGA-under the radar mailing.

The Future of Magazine Tear Sheets is here!



The Tear Sheet mailing is a powerful device, and it has a proven track record of pulling great response rates. We have taken the Tear Sheet, learned from its short comings, and developed the next generation of Tear Sheet Mailings.


We have finally broken the code, and developed the ultimate response generating Personal Touch Tear Sheet!



February 13, 2008 -  It happened,  After years of research with some of the best minds, we have finally cracked the code and developed the ultimate under the radar technology. These set of technologies allow us to send direct mail pieces that are indistinguishable from personal letters!


"John, I copied this for you    - J."

That is the essence of our New Tear Sheet. This new mail piece is designed from the ground up to look like you Xeroxed a magazine article, circled & underlined the parts you wanted them to see, wrote a quick message, and mailed it to your friend.

What Makes Our Tear Sheet Unique

1) The envelope is Neatly hand addressed using our Personal Touch™ Technologies. This is not a FONT, and we don't have some high-school girls addressing your envelopes. We have developed cutting edge technology and a printing process that produces addressing that is indistinguishable from real hand writing. Click here for a close up view.

2) Your article is printed on our specially designed magazine template. The magazine template looks like it is a photocopy of an actual magazine. You can customize the magazine name, issue information, page number, and The front cover. See the picture below.





3) The final touch is added when we take our Red Marker™ and circle, underline the important parts of the article, and write a personal message to your prospects. We have developed a unique technology that allows us to print personalized red markup that looks and feels like a person took a marker and circled, underlined or wrote on your letter - the marker even bleeds through the paper!. This is another one of our Personal Touch™ Technologies that you will not find anywhere else - guaranteed.

This Magazine Tear Sheet mailing makes use of 3 never before seen technologies coming together to produce a MEGA-under the radar mailing.

When people see this mailing they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that

  • White Envelope  Optional upgrade to 24# Linen Envelope
  • Handwritten Addressing
  • Tear Sheet Printing
  • Red Marker Circling, underlining, and personal messages
  • 41 cents commemorative postage, hand applied