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“Bob Are You Aware You Could Pay Up to 50% in Taxes to the IRS on your Annuities, CD’s and IRA…”


Dear Mrs. Thomas,


Many annuity and IRA Owners are positioned to lose a significant portion of their annuity interest value to taxes, yet most are not even aware of the problem.  The IRS is not obligated nor required to notify you about an exemption to the tax code that could save thousands of dollars of income and estate taxes to both you and your heirs.


A just published free report called “The IRA, Annuity and CD Rescue Plan” is now available that shows current annuity, IRA and CD owners how to avoid mistakes and possibly save thousands!  This complimentary report creates an awareness around the most costly mistakes and provides tips and strategies to help you protect most of your hard earned investment assets.


Our just published consumer report plan is especially designed for people:


·         Who are between age 60-80 and have annuities, IRA’s and CD over $100,000.

·         If you are interested in having a choice of having your money in a taxable or tax deferred account and want an option to have your money in a TAX-FREE Plan.

·         In addition, you believe that your taxes are going up and not down?

·         Learn one of the SECRETS how the wealthy pass on their fortunes to their families 100% TAX Free.

·         And you would like your hard earned money to go to your heirs TAX FREE?

·         The final question is if we can show you how to increase the value of your annuity, IRA or CD by up to 50% would you be interested in finding out more.

·         How you can leave a lifetime value educational gift to your grandchildren with a stroke of the pen.


This report is limited to the first 20 people who call our toll free 24 hours recorded message at 800-xxxxxx.




Russ J. Jones


Russ J. Jones


P.S. We can also offer you a no obligation a 30 minute financial check-up analysis  to see if we can help you increase your current retirement income, show you how to have Tax-Free Income with the new 2010 tax law  and give you ways to prepare for those Golden Years.



Tom Brown

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“How to Avoid a Retirement Nightmare”


I’ve enclosed a copy of this month’s newsletter for you to review.  I hope you enjoy it and prosperous from it.


right-bracket.gifIn addition, if you want more information on the topics below just call our office and we will send you to 2 FREE Powerful Reports That May Change Your Life

·     Convert your IRA/401 (k) to a Roth with TAX FREE INCOME.

·     Learn how to avoid a costly probate and cut your tax bill.

·     Keep the IRS from grabbing up to 80% of your retirement Savings.

·     Help protect your assets to make sure you don’t outlive your money. right-bracket.gif

·     Avoid stock market losses…But realize stock market-like GAINS.

·     How to avoid a Retirement Nightmare in 2010.

·     Reduce or eliminate paying income tax on Social Security.

·     Get TRIPLE COMPOUNDING on your CD money.

·     How to have GUARANTEED Lifetime Income starting in 2010.

·     Maximize Tax-Free transfer of wealth to your advantage.



For your 2 FREE Powerful Reports called “Six Common Mistakes Retirees Make” and “How to Have Tax Free Income Starting in 2010.” Please call our 24-Hour recorded message at 888888888888




Russ Jones

P.S. With the changes in the 2010 tax laws in regards to retirement benefits you may want to have a free one hour financial checkup.  Call our office today for an appointment.