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These are sample websites using our personal touch system

Easy Personal Touch Websites With Personalized URLs

In the modern era you have to upgrade your marketing to meet the standards of today's information age. No longer can you afford to just send out plain old junk mail, you have to converse with your prospects on a one-to-one basis. Personally reach out to your prospects and deliver your message both in print and on the web.

With our Easy Personal Touch Websites you can create and provide a full personal touch experience to your prospects, welcome them by their first name, personalize the copy of your webpage with their name, and markup your site with personalized red marker messages.

Professional Website in minutes...

We've designed a revolutionary system that allows you to create professional looking websites with personalized web addresses, red marker messages, YouTube videos, custom lead capture forms, and red markup in just minutes...Not only that but all you have to know is how to use Microsoft Word, and be able to copy and paste.

Here's how it works

Using a simple menu you can easily add pages to your website, change the theme, and style of your website...even create personalized red marker messages and lead capture forms.</>

Then to edit the content of your web pages you simple use Microsoft word, just like you would any other document.

No HTML or Web experience required!

Everything you need to create and mange your website can be done through our Easy Website Editor or using Microsoft word. We even have step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through each step of the way. And if you really want, we can even do it all for you...so, for a small design fee, you can just tell us how you want your site to be and we'll do it.

Here are some sample websites made using our personal touch system:

So... Here is what's included with every Personal Touch Website:

Full website with an unlimited number of pages
Personalized Red Marker Messages and Full pURL capabilites throughout the entire site
Separate "Reports" section that is only accessible after filling out an information request form
Built in auto responder and unlimited email drip campaigns
Ability to easily insert images, videos, and recordings
Custom information request forms with form validation
A selection of themes and styles
Unlimited Email accounts
Visitor tracking and sign up counts, and Easy integration with Google Analytics

...and best of all

No HTML or WEB experience required!