Every order placed before midnight  tonight  will receive our brand new "Annuity Pro Lead Generating Website and Auto Responder and we will waive the $495.00 Setup FEE In addition you will receive the first month free of our Platinum Club membership. Limited Time Only!

Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads System

I will show you how to get this complete system for FREE!

The Definition of “Insanity” is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over, Expecting Different Results. Only 10% of All Agents Understand this when it Comes to Generating Insurance and AnnuityLeads…

They Are the Ones Prospering in this Economy!!

FROM: Russ Jones Call me with questions 435-563-4749    

Let's face it...Times are tough and it might be a year before our economy turns around.

I've decided not to participate in the current recession!  How about you?   I can show you how to be in that top 10% of successful Insurance agents using my marketing system.

It is a proven, reliable way for you to not only survive during this recession, but prosper like never before...I know that sounds like hype, and there's no shortage of it going around these days… but before you roll your eyes or quickly dismiss what I'm saying, here's what I'm going to share with you...

Let me show you how to average six to eight insurance leads or annuity leads appointments a week with prospects who want to talk with you about their financial situations.

The Secret is having the Right Marketing Strategies

In our Total Marketing System you will learn over one hundred different strategies.  We just added our new “Shoestring Budget Marketing” strategies to our system.  Many of the strategies you can work are free.  You will be taught how to start on a shoestring budget, reinvest part of your earnings to your marketing program and learn how to double, triple and even QUADRUPLE your production over the next 12-36 months.

The top 10% of  successful agents in the country work multiple  spokes of marketing to generate leads and keep clients.  Our Total Marketing System will teach you all the spokes of marketing that you would ever need to reach your business goals.

Check Out All These Marketing Strategies


  • How to attract affluent prospects and clients like crazy for Life Insurance, IRA Rollovers and Jumbo Annuity Sales.

  •  Seven ways to be a dominate force in your community in the financial business.

  • A low cost marketing tool called. “Add 3 a Day” System that will help you build your database of qualified prospects to over 750 hyper active prospects within your first 12 months of using this strategy.

  •  How one agent in Illinois generated over 100 leads a month using a non threatening Telemarketing approach that gets responses instead of rejections.  You could start testing this within a few hours with our script.

  • How to promote your services through a strategic alliance with a special letters we’ve written for you.

  •  A proven  letter you can send out to prospects and clients that will have them call you for an appointment. The agent who gave me this strategy wrote $317,324 in annuities just from one prospect who received this letter.

  • How the power of Testimonials can build your own financial “Goldmine.”

  •  How to build huge credibility and generate leads and clients with an 800 Hotline service for only $10.00 a month.

  •  How three simple things you can do to make you “The Go To Guy” for your prospects and clients financial needs.

  • Plus, much…much…more…

1.6 Million in Annuities sales in August using the newsletter
Russ, just wanted to let you know thanks to the August newsletter you did

for us we had one lady come out of a nursing home and roll 1 million into

an annuity.  Two days later another prospect came in an met with my partner

Vickie and roll $500,000 and bought a 20 pay life.  A few days later another

client came in and bought a $35,000 annuity and in the afternoon we wrote

 another $65,000.  All came from the August newsletter.

37 Leads in the first week

"Russ; they worked!  I just sent my first mailing and the first response was 37 leads in the first week.  I am sending out 3500 every three weeks.  So all the leads will be added to my monthly newsletter.  Last month (June07) we wrote $904,000 in annuities.   M. M. Smith, IL.



100% Profit with Postcard Mailing

“I had a 100% profit with my Postcard mailing.  I sent out 1,100 IRA Rollover postcards the first time and got 11 Responses.  Of these I closed 3 for a total of $200,000 in production.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal.  Thanks so much.”  R. Russell Topeka, KS.


$770,000 in annuity rollovers

“Thanks to your 3-Step Postcard System on my first 1500 postcard mailing I wrote the largest annuity of my career.  It was a $770,000 annuity rollover from an IRA distribution.”  I'm taking your advice and putting 30 percent of my commissions back into direct response marketing using some of your postcards and your lists. My wife and family can't thank you enough.  Thanks for the phone advice...I told another agent friend about you. Tony Cervantes, MI


3 Annuities for $166,000

Russ, thanks a million...My wife threatened me to get out and get a real job.  Thanks to your advice; CD list I bought from you and your door approach last week I wrote three annuities for $166,000. Also, this week I've written three small annuities.   Russ your not kidding when you told me to focus in on marketing and being positive is a winning combination. P.S. I've told two of my agent friend in another state about your marketing system.  Anthony Huff Katy TX.


 Check Out our Ultimate Advanced Annuity Selling Strategies

My best-of-the-Best Collection of Annuity Marketing and Selling Strategies Given to me by some of my Top Annuity Producing members. Dozens of proven annuity sales ideas, one call close annuity presentation and power point presentations.


?font size="1" face="Times New Roman"> Learn the secrets of

 Annuity Lead Generating Website and Client Newsletter


To complete our Total Marketing System you will have access to your own Annuity Pro Lead Generating Website’s and our monthly prospect and client newsletter called “Smart Money News and Facts You Should Know.”  The newsletter is already written for you. All you have to do is personalize it and mail it out or we can for you with our system. You will have complete instructions on how to use it.


Every order placed before midnight  tonight  will receive our brand new "Annuity Pro Lead Generating Website and Auto Responder and we will waive the $495.00 Setup FEE In addition you will receive the first month free of our Platinum Club membership. Limited Time Only!


If you don’t have a website and a monthly newsletter going out to your prospect and clients you are losing up to 50% of potential future business. You will have your own lead generating website where you can add your own website address to all your ads, postcards, flyers and letters you mail. 

To every prospect that visits your website visits, we will mail out a series of reports that are personalized with your name and contact information on it.

This is a pre-loaded auto-responder to follow-up with your prospects automatically.

The normal set up fee for a website and auto responder is $495.00.  However, if you order within the next 72 hours we’re waiving the setup fee and only charging $97.00 $49.00 a month for this service. You will receive 30 days free. You can cancel at anytime.

You will receive monthly a prospect and client newsletter called "Smart Money News and Facts You Should Know."  We have members getting 5-7 referrals per week using our newsletter and inserting a "Tell-a-Friend" flyer and return envelope with every prospect and client they come in contact with on a daily basis. We even have a CRM service available that will mail out all monthly newsletters for you.

Our monthly prospect and client newsletter has become the
#1 referral tool for generating leads. Here’s what some of our members say about it.

I increased my production by 217% using your client newsletter. Terry Elder, TX

Last month closed a $400,000 CD conversion for $32,867 thanks to the newsletter.  Michael Smith, IL.

Russ, I wrote 1.6 Million in annuities in August using your newsletter. Ron Fara, IL.

I mailed your client newsletter to 1,000 IRA Holders and I was able to write just over $300,000 in annuity premiums.  Wes Charles, VA.

I had a member tell me he does over 8 million a year in annuities and he contributes 53% of his net profits come from prospects and clients who receive our monthly client newsletter and have access to his website.

 The Total Marketing System if you bought each module and system separately would cost $997... Look...I know there's a recession. I want to help all I can, so if you're a little tight on funds I'm offering the most affordable "payment plan" EVER..


Make just ONE payment of $397 plus 2nd day S&H.   Digital version of “Total Marketing System” and CD’s are just $297.00.

You can get a lifetime of marketing secrets, strategies and over 157 ready-to-use marketing systems with  a detailed road map to follow for your success, all organized and presented on a silver platter.

 On the surface, spending about $397 for this system may sound like a lot of money... But think about this

1.   You've spent a lot more than $397 on advertising that fails to get the response you so desire—and this system gives you all the proven templates for your marketing...niche postcards, classified ads, dollar bill letters, web pages and prospect and client attraction systems and more.

2.   You pay more than this per year in cell phone bills, credit cards, car payments or even morning coffee – that produced NOTHING for you...

3.   You will NEVER, EVER learn all this from any other marketer, a book, or even going to a live seminar – this is a completely different – NOT just another hyped-up "sales" seminar,

4.   Try to learn this on your own and you'll spend over 25 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars testing, and most likely go broke in the process,

5.   Understand that you could make at least 5 times and as much as 100 times the cost of this system within your first 90 days (you can't get that kind of return in the stock market!),

6.   You'll have a marketing and business-building skills you can USE FOR LIFE – allowing you to pave the road to you success. Remember marketing knowledge is POWER!!!

And to make this offer even more irresistible, I'll include a most unusual guarantee...


4 FREE BONUSES Worth $935.00

     I want this to be the most complete, most comprehensive and most powerful Insurance and financial business-building program you've ever seen...

     That's why I am including the following FREE BONUSES that round out the powerful set of resources you will have ready to build a successful business.

FREE BONUS #1: Your Own Personal Target Activity  Planner™
(valued at $29.95)

     This easy-to-use guide helps you determine your Critical Rate of Sales in your business—the number of sales you need to reach your desired level of income. It's a valuable resource for knowing your business success numbers and targeting your earning potential. It also helps to identify where to begin planning the strategies you'll use to reach your income target.  This system will easily increase your profit margins.

FREE BONUS #2: Your 40-Minute Prospect Marketing Plan  Equalizer™
(valued at $97)

     Do you know which activities to focus on to maximize every marketing campaign you take on?

This simple, ready-to-use guide can help you focus your activities like a laser to maximize your business success.

     This is the tool I described earlier...a tool so powerful, one agent told me it was worth over $22,000 in extra production within 6 months after putting it to work. I'm certain you'll continue using this as a helpful, time-saving resource for years to come. Here's just a sample of the areas it will help you address:

  • Find The Most Profitable Niche Markets

  • Discover Your Most Promotable Competitive Advantage

  • Create a Powerful Marketing and Selling Message

  • Convert Your Message Into A Powerful Client Generating System

FREE BONUS #3: Your personal Monthly Marketing Money Multiplier Plan™ (valued at $97)

    Ever wonder if your marketing efforts are profitable?

This monthly planner will not only give you clarity and direction when planning your marketing activities for the entire year. It also helps you track the marketing systems you use in your practice and can quickly show you what's producing results. The best part is it works directly with the formula you'll learn in this program.

FREE BONUS #4: The "BEST of the BEST Collection on a CD" I call it the 'MILLION DOLLAR MARKETING SECRET WEAPONS™" (valued at $499.95)

     This "Million Dollar Marketing Secret Weapons" is the most comprehensive CD of winning pieces we have EVER put together.  I've been collecting a whole computer file full of some of our best members marketing strategies and tips over the last 10 years.  If you can't get a "Golden Nugget" marketing idea from this CD you're brain dead and I can't help you.

      Learn the very best Marketing Systems used in the "Real World" by your peers. These are the BEST strategies and "secret" marketing techniques I've received from other successful members and from other marketing experts.

      These marketing ideas are winners. I know because I "bribed" many of my members for each these gems. These strategies produced millions of dollars in business for agents. Many of them come with success stories, like, "Hey I ran this ad and I got 26 calls." Or, "I sold a $75,000 annuity on this idea..." If you had to print out all these files you would have over 210 pages of top-secret, in-the-trenches techniques and strategies.

     These bonuses could easily be sold on our product list, and at $900.00+ they'd be a steal.

But you won't pay that because they're FREE as part of this limited offer to our  current and future members.

All FOUR of the above tools on CD
 ( actually priceless!)

You read that right...I'm going to give you the first four bonuses on CD (in .pdf format) for you to print whenever you want...for years to come.

"Here Again are The Three Additional Bonuses Valued at $213.00 You'll Also Receive If You Order By Midnight Tonight"

Here's what you WILL receive...


Bonus Report


Prospecting - The Feldman Method

Feldman was arguably one of the most successful insurance salesmen of all time. Learn his method in this guide.  You will pay up to $170 for a used copy of the book if you can find one.  I've taken his success secrets and his awesome power phrases and have summarized and  compiled them into a special report. In other words I've taken the 'meat and potatoes' out of this out-of-print book and you can now get his marketing strategies as a bonus.


           Value $79.00




Bonus Report


It’s Crazy, But The Secrets To Your Marketing Success Could Be Sitting in This Long-Lost Manuscript. 


           “Tested Sentences That Sell”
by Elmer Wheeler.


The words and phrases that Wheeler tested and found to work were so simple that anyone could have thought them up. But so original, that no one ever did.

        Value $67




Bonus Report


Harry Browne’s Masterpiece on Salesmanship

This undiscovered treasure is called The Secret of Selling Anything: A road map to success for the salesman who is not aggressive, who is not a ’smooth talker’ and who is not an extrovert.

This unpublished gem was written years ago by one of the most brilliant salespeople, investment advisers, and writers of all time, Harry Browne.


            Value $67.00

70% Savings on Digital Version.  We're having our Spring Sale and you can now have our complete Ultimate Total Package System  for only $297.00.  You can start downloading the manuals, postcards, reports with 5 minutes.  We will also send you a complete package on CD's so you can print  and make changes. In addition, you receive 30 free days of our new websites and monthly prospect and client newsletter. Click here to download.


Better than Risk Free $1,000,000 Guarantee

13 Months Conditional – DOUBLE Your Money Back! Get our Total Marketing System, prove to me that you implemented just 6 strategies and if you don't write at least $1,000,000 in annuities – almost impossible NOT to do!) in commissions in the next 13 months, I will send you DOUBLE your purchase price. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to do anything unreasonable or drastic. Just a few simple steps that, as I said earlier, you'd do anyway, if you are serious about building a successful Insurance and financial business.

Regular Price $597

70% Savings on Digital Version.  We're having our Spring Sale and you can now have our complete Ultimate Total Package System  for only $297.00.  You can start downloading the manuals, postcards, reports with 5 minutes.  We will also send you a complete package on CD's so you can print  and make changes. In addition, you rece30 free days of our new websites and monthly prospect and client newsletter. Click here to download.

Discount Price for printed version only $397
and you also get to test drive our Annuity Pro Website and client newsletter Free for 30 days.

One Time Payment (Very Limited Time)

100% Money Back Guarantee with our 13 Month $1,000,000 Guarantee.  This price is ONLY temporary.  If you return tomorrow the price may be back up to the normal $597 price




If You Want To Get In On This Limited Opportunity - You Need To Act Now!

   It's easy to do.  Right now, while it's fresh in your mind, just complete the enrollment form and fax to our office today or pick up t the phone and call me at 1-800-808-6551 and place your order or ask any questions. 

Warmest wishes for your success,





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