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Partial Lists Testimonials for Annuity Leads and Insurance Leads Strategies

On a really great note I used the Million Dollar Annuity Power Point Presentation and sold a $73,000 dollar annuity this week. I will get another $60,000 in annuity rollover business from the spouse this week. Steven Umphlett, Palmetto Wealth Advisors LLC

Thanks to your 3-Step Postcard System on my first 1500 postcard mailing I wrote the largest annuity of my career.  It was a $770,000 annuity rollover from a IRA distribution .  Tony Cervantes, Michigan

Thank you so much for the ton of information you sent.  I can't believe the volume of detailed marketing goodies for the price.  You could easily charge three times as much and it would still be a heck of a deal!!!!  E. Mitcham CSA  Houston, TX

"Within the first 20 minutes, I got one idea worth at least $50,000 in new commissions." Ron Rodriquez

"I picked up at least three marketing ideas talking to you over the phone that can increase my income this year by at least 30 times the cost of your marketing course." Theresa Busque

I had a 1600% profit with my first postcard mailing.  I sent out 1,100 postcards the first time and got 11 responses.  Of these I closed 3 for a $5,100 commission.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal. Thanks so much. R. Russell Topeka, KS.

On just one of your ads that I have in a local newspaper brings me in 12 leads per month.  This is also converts into 1-2 clients per month. My cost runs about $300.00 per month that includes the ad, 800 service, and report mailings.  My average Annuity case is 75K to 100K with commissions averaging 7K to 10K.  It sure beats spending thousands on over marketed seminars.  This is one county that I am currently advertising in.  Thank you for the great system.

T Dalton, Kissimmee, FL.

"Thanks to you I earned over $9,000 in a three week span!"  - ED Stanko. Dallas, TX

"$2,800 Commission In the First 5 Days!"

"I received over 100 leads from the first ad I ran and made over $2,800 commission in the first five days."   - K. Abbott  Los Angeles, CA

"$22,000 to $25,000 Monthly!"

"I ordered your program last year coming back into the business after retirement.  After starting at zero, I am currently $22,000 to $25,000 monthly using your postcard system.  Should do $200,000 next year!"   - J. Manual. CA

“Your newsletter showed me how to set up and use a System for marketing my Insurance products that really works!” My fist month I generated over 56 leads on an ad that cost me $110.

                                                                                                                     Ted Powell  Chicago Ill.

"Thank You"

"I would like to thank you very much for this marketing program.  Thanks to your information I have a better telemarketing program and a much better long-term care presentation!"   - G. West

"What A Bargain!"

"Thanks for chatting with me the other day, and for being of service.  When I spoke with you about all these great things you were going to do for me I was concerned that an investment in your 'system' and 'knowledge base' would do very little for me.  I have LOTS of experience and do quite well financially, however I thought, 'what the heck' take a chance what can you lose?  WHAT A BARGAIN!"   - H. Shapiro, Tennessee


"Unbelievable!  I made over $18,000 in commissions my first 6 weeks after following your advice on postcards."  - S. Fountain, Los Angeles, CA.


"A Million Thanks"

Russ, a million thanks for sending me your sales strategies CD's.  It is by far the best, the most comprehensive, and the best quality set of sales materials I have purchase to date.  You provide a great blueprint, a roadmap on how to get into, and thrive in the insurance business.  I still can't believe you sold me this material for such a low price.  I consider what you did for me a huge favor.  I recommend your process to anyone in our business.  Thanks again.  Jeff Baker, Sacramento. CA.

"$2,500 in 26 Hours!"

"Within 26 hours of receiving your material, I made over $2,500 in commissions.  Talk about quick payback!"   - J. Wilson Denver CO.

"It's Great!"

"It's great to see how well your 'Marketing System' is working for you and your members.  Generating qualified leads for insurance agents has always been a problem.  I highly recommend agents to invest in themselves by investing in your marketing system."   - B. Bishop  Mass.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you"

"I have been in business for 47 years, Million Dollar Round Table  for 25 years.  This is the best marketing program I have ever seen. I highly recommend it! You've been great on the phone answering all my marketing questions. For new and established agents it could change your financial life"   - Maurice Betman CFP, CSA Bloomfield MI.


"Thanks to your marketing system I was able to take one idea and make $5,975 in commissions last week. You have saved my marriage. My wife is speaking to me again."                B.  Mitchell, Phoenix, AZ





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